November 18, 2015
So many waifu's... how does one choose?

So many waifu’s… how does one choose?

Out of all the shows the debuted during the summer season, few actually gripped me enough to keep watching.
One such show happened to be Monster Musume. Which many manga readers may know of. However if you are not a huge fan of gratuitous fanservice, I’d steer clear of this one. It’s a funny series, but only if you can deal with the levels of nudity and such. Try the opening and go from there ;)

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Adventure Bar Story

November 18, 2015


I’m not even sure why I downloaded the demo, I just saw it and it looked…. interesting?
But I did. And I played it. And then I bought the full version. Only £3.99, it’s also on mobiles and Vita. It’s a simple game, simple graphics. But the concept…. collect ingredients, or ‘mats'(short for materials I finally realised) and cook food to make money and gain ranks in your restaurant. It reminds me of Recettear. But it involved food, which I love in games. The cooking system is similar to Harvest Moon, and there’s even some farming in this game…

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Animal Crossing – Happy Home Designer

November 4, 2015
And Nintendo wins again.

And Nintendo wins again.

We’re all familiar with the Animal Crossing series right? Cute character living in a cute town inhabited by cute animals? Earning money to pay off your debts by collecting fruit, fish and fossils? Furniture hoarding? Making the perfect house? Right? Ok good. So Happy Home Designer is Animal Crossing, without all the money grabbing and town management. It’s literally just the furniture hoarding and making the perfect houses. Which is great. One of the best parts of the game. I miss the rest of the game of course, but I still have New Leaf, so I’m alright with that.

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Little bit a lot in love with Steven Universe

October 28, 2015


This was the first I saw of Steven Universe. I thought it was a pretty song and looked cool, but I didn’t watch any of the actual series till way after.

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I am not ok.

October 26, 2015

i shall not cry

Thanks to certain colleagues(now ex-friends) at work I was kind of emotionally ready for it. But I really wasn’t. Because I kept telling myself they wouldn’t. They couldn’t. They would never. But they did.

And now I am sat here with all these creys and feels. And I don’t know what to do. I need something happy and fluffy. I watched Steven Universe and then Concrete Revolutio right after…. but even that’s not enough… it’s not as bad as when the Tenth Doctor regenerated, I’m not in that state. But it’s still pretty bad.

Why do none of my favourite characters live……


Autumn/Fall Anime Season 2015 – Tasters~

October 22, 2015
From Concrete Revolutio, my favourite new show, so far :3

From Concrete Revolutio, my favourite new show, so far :3

So the new season of anime is upon us. Last season had some damn fine shows. Charlotte. Shimoneta. Monster Musume. Gate. Overlord. So hopefully Autumn will have some good shows.

Some of the shows I’ve listed I haven’t seen yet, some I have. Trying to balance anime and western TV shows AND games is tough. Wednesday tends to be my catch up day. And I still don’t get through all of it. Today I couldn’t just spend the entire day watching stuff either, had to go get me a flu jab. *wooooooo*

So where shall I start…..

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