Pan panchira pan panchirain!!

January 23, 2016
Narugino is so cute <3

Narugino is so cute <3

Just saying I love this show. I love it’s weirdness, it’s character design, the fact it’s written by the same guy who did the Infinity series, Kotaro Uchikoshi!!!! After I found out Punchline was made by this guy I was automatically sold. And it turned out to be the same awesome bullshit he always does. I won’t spoil anything. But if you know anything about the Zero series or Ever 17 or any of his other games, you will know what you’re in for with Punchline.

You should definitely recognise this dude :3

You should definitely recognise this dude :3

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Anime Season Winter 2016

January 17, 2016
She's so pretty with her green hair <3

She’s so pretty with her green hair <3

So I’ve tried 15 series from this winter season. Some good, some alright, some I’m instantly in love with.

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Too many games… too many sales o_o;

January 6, 2016
Lookit all the pretty husbando's <3

Lookit all the pretty husbando’s <3

So there may have been a few too many games come out recently that I wanted…. or that were on sale… I will list the ones I finally caved and bought when they were on sale, OR even, only just came out and paid full price.

Undertale – On sale & wanted for a while
World End Economica ep 1 – One sale & on wish list
Fault Milestone one+two – On sale & on wish list
Read Only Memories – On sale, looked interesting
Clannad – IT’S CLANNAD.
Planetarian – IT’S KEY.

If I wasn’t lazy and watching TV right now I’d upload pics I took of my actual character, but this is still cute :D

Style Boutique 3DS – 2 – I am a weak weak girl who likes pretty things.
Adventure Bar Story – Played the demo, game was £3-ish, it was a good investment, fun, addictive.
Story of Seasons – Got bit of discount, but it was almost full price I spose. It’s the true Harvest Moon sequel. Still don’t like the 3D graphics as much as the old 2D stuff, or even the BTN graphics. It was just cuter.
Conception 2 – Star Babies!! – On sale. It used to be £25, then it was £7.40. It’s an rpg/dating sim where you get to make star babies with your best girl/waifu :D

Such pretty boys <3

Norn9 – On sale, otome game, which means I get to choose my best husbando. But it’s an odd one, with 3 girls to play as… and 9 husbando’s to pick from…
Danganronpa – On sale, watched the anime, probably a silly idea in hindsight if I was going to get the game, but I still wanted to try it.
Persona 4 Golden – On sale, good game, need to finish playing it finally. I really should.

And my memory card LITERALLY just showed up. So I’m going to do some transferring of stuff and get Dissidia for my best boy.

New Year, New Console!

January 6, 2016

(I actually bought Steins Gate a month or so ago in a sale, with the metal oopa and badges <3)

I finally did it. I finally bought a PS VITA. I should have waited for the January sales probably, but finding a Vita during the post Xmas sales was hard enough… I was worried there just wouldn’t be any left… And since I mostly got money for Christmas, I’m calling it my Christmas present to myself XD Sad, but hey, I’ve wanted a Vita for ages. I just kept putting it off, and off, and off.

But now it’s mine. And it’s beautiful and shiny and lovely. I ordered a 64GB memory card which will arrive Wednesday, so I can move things from the diddy 8GB card it came with. I already have Danganronpa, Persona 4 Golden and Norn9. The latter of which I am currently playing and enjoying immensely, otome games with time travel bullshit in for the WIN! With bonus post apocalyptic stuff too kinda!! I’m almost through the first route I think… Wanted Masamune, couldn’t have him till I’d done Senri or Kakeru annoyingly. So I went with the Eren Jaeger-voiced character. Have a trailer/op for it!

Update: On Masamune’s route now, almost finished actually. Loving Toya <3 he’s too cute.

Over Christmas I also ordered another Pikachu, because I wanted/needed the Charizard hoodie and card and the sounds. I called this one Denki <3 And it arrived today. As is my 64GB memory card hopefully. But  I shall wait and see.


November 18, 2015
So many waifu's... how does one choose?

So many waifu’s… how does one choose?

Out of all the shows the debuted during the summer season, few actually gripped me enough to keep watching.
One such show happened to be Monster Musume. Which many manga readers may know of. However if you are not a huge fan of gratuitous fanservice, I’d steer clear of this one. It’s a funny series, but only if you can deal with the levels of nudity and such. Try the opening and go from there ;)

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Adventure Bar Story

November 18, 2015


I’m not even sure why I downloaded the demo, I just saw it and it looked…. interesting?
But I did. And I played it. And then I bought the full version. Only £3.99, it’s also on mobiles and Vita. It’s a simple game, simple graphics. But the concept…. collect ingredients, or ‘mats'(short for materials I finally realised) and cook food to make money and gain ranks in your restaurant. It reminds me of Recettear. But it involved food, which I love in games. The cooking system is similar to Harvest Moon, and there’s even some farming in this game…

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