Trying Bleach

I’m finally trying out some anime that I thought I wouldn’t like, like Naruto, and, if you couldn’t tell, Bleach. I was lucky enough to find Bleach and Naruto season 1 part 1’s for just £12.90 for both.(Thats $26 and 2700 yen).

My friend has been plugging Bleach and Naruto for a while now. (He’s fallen for Naruto big-time.) I watched some Naruto first but skipped to Bleach. I’ve watched the 1st 2 episodes now, and it’s better than I thought it’d be. I don’t have any urge to turn Bleach off, so thats good right? I like Ichigo-kun’s family. They seem, like him, freaky, but in a good way. I actually feel like I want to keep watching. Which means I’ll have to hunt down the season 1 part 2 for a reasonable price. I gotta save money for the Haruhi Special Edition DVD’s and a Figma Kagami though. Ah the life of an otaku……tis but an expensive one.

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2 Responses to “Trying Bleach”

  1. dingsan Says:

    Um, please don’t watch Bleach. It’s generically shounen, and plagued with fillers.

    There are tons of better material out there – a subtitle-only version of Gurren Lagann is coming out very soon, so if you must spend money spend it on that.

  2. Panther Says:

    Bleach was good…until after episode 63. If you want to go for Bleach, read the manga instead, which is way better, and has no fillers.

    There are indeed however, lots of other better anime, especially from spring last year, including TTGL.

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