Final Fantasy XIII/13 – on 360 too huh?

I havent gone into shock over the news that FF13 will be on 360 aswell as PS3, mainly cos I have neither console as of this very moment. I may have when it finally comes out though… either way, I’d probly get a 360 before a PS3, so it is actually good news once I think about it.

I wonder though, how long can they keep the Final Fantasy Franchise going?


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One Response to “Final Fantasy XIII/13 – on 360 too huh?”

  1. Omer Altay Says:

    I was debating whether to get a 360 or a ps3, but now I know that 360 is the way to go; as the only game I was really looking forward to was FF13, and now that its out for 360, I think i’ll end up getting it 🙂

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