Chi’s Sweet Home

I can’t remember exactly why I found myself looking up Chi’s Sweet Home, probably someone recommended it. Anyways, I found it to be, so far, the single most endearing series I’ve seen. Ever. More so than Aria or anything else. It’s probably the combination of awesomely cute visuals and the voice actor of Chi him/herself. (I think Chi is gender neutral…. lol I’m only 17 eps in, so no one tell me if Chi is one or the other.) Satomi Koorogi is not only responsible for voicing Chi, but more familiar to me, Tat from Klonoa 2 Lunatea’s Veil, a fantastic PS2 game, the first one I ever got actually. The music in that game was fantastic too. Koorogi sang a song in that actually now I think about it…. must hunt down…..

Russian Doll....dogs?

Russian Doll....dogs?

There is some completely random stuff, like the Russian Doll Dogs of ep 10. But its mostly just a really sweet slice of life comedy. I fell in love with it after hearing the theme tune. Which I found the full version of(very chuffed with myself lol) Since I can’t upload it here, I will supply the link, here.



The episodes themselves are just 3 minutes long. Short but sweet. Literally. This fact, however, enabled me to download all 52 episodes fairly quickly and the filesize wasn’t too bad either. They’re all about 25mb each, for a good quality video too. Heres the first episode off youtube though, just so you can have taste of this sickly sweet slice of life.

Isn’t it cute??!! Thats probly the best quality sub available on Youtube. I wasn’t gonna settle for some fuzzy-ass soundtrack in this case, cos the soundtrack is a major part of its charm!!(Seriously, you can just have it playing in the background, you dont even have to watch it to absorb the absurd amounts of cuteness that it emits) Much like this is.

On top of the world!!!

On top of the world!!!

And, as it turns out, not only did Koorogi-san supply the voice for Chi and Tat. She is also the voice of Pichu and Togepi in Pokemon! And many other adorable characters!! (See link I included earlier if you wanna know more)
I truly love this series. And whenever I want a pick-me-up, for the rare times I ever feel a bit down, I will turn to this, because I know it means instant smiles, from the minute the opening them begins. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. :beam:
OMG Cuteness!

OMG Cuteness!

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3 Responses to “Chi’s Sweet Home”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Chi’s Sweet Home is my favorite current anime series. My kids love it too. Every episode makes us laugh and laugh! I bought the first five volumes of the manga, and it’s just as funny.

  2. chaoticpix93 Says:

    Chi’s sweet home is so kawaii, I wish they would pick this up in the states SOOOO Bad. Oh man, I want the cell phone keychains and the plushies. But either I have to turn to e-bay or I’d have to bribe a friend of mine who lives in japan to get me at least one of the cell phone keychains if she can find them. (I have no idea their availbility in osu).

  3. HowardWindsor Says:

    Well theres this uploader in youtube named cotaigoushoney.. He already post all of them till youtube removed them damn youtube…

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