Google me, Google you?

Everynow and then I google my username, and my real name, to find out how many results I have. I have worked hard to spread the name ‘Meimi132’ throughout the world wide web. I’ve used Meimi132 ever since I became active online, it all started on Neopets. These are the recent fruits of my labour.
My results last time I checked a couple of days ago

My results last time I checked a couple of days ago

If you can’t read the total number of results its 5650. (The pic is quite small, didnt realise just how small untill I posted, but no matter.)

When I googled my real name for the first time, it came up with several things, that I was a dance teacher among other things, but my favourite was professional photographer. I even have a website lol. Apparantly I do wedding photography, portraits and events lol

How many results does your favoured username bring up on google?

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3 Responses to “Google me, Google you?”

  1. paperdreamer Says:

    3,720 for Paperdreamer 🙂

  2. omisyth Says:

    Its quite funny to see this as I googled your username to find out where your site was (Avatar but no site-link? Something is afoot Watson…). Anyway, nice to see another blogger show up. Yoroshiku! (I’ve never actually used that word before and I’m so very, very sorry for the cheesiness)

  3. Coco the Bean Says:

    I use to go by a different name online, and I’ve only been using this one recently, so there’s not very many results for the time being.
    If I google my real name,however, I’m apparently a well-known medical doctor. xD

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