How to choose?



When one has such a vast choice of DVD’s, how do you choose what to watch? Sometimes you just know what your in the mood for, but right now, I’m not sure at all…. Am I in the mood for a comedy? Thriller? A Kevin Smith movie? Geena Davis? John Cusack? Or anime? Oh its hard to choose….. And there’s nothing on TV tonight to distract me…. Of course I could always read a book, but normally I only read in the car/train/other time when I’m not surrounded by other things I could play with… And there’s another thing, my PS2 Slimline which I forked out money for, I’ve hardly used it!! Which is pathetic considering I went and bought Disgaea 1 & 2, La Pucelle Tactics AND Phantom Brave (FINALLY!) After years of waiting for the oppurtunity to play them alot! I havent! I tend to do that with games….(apart from with Pokemon & Harvest Moon) I finally get them and then hardly play them!!! Tis why I avoid buying games too often and stick to figures, dvd’s and books.

Anyways…. that was just a little rant to fill the space of where I just can’t choose what to watch/do/play/read etc

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One Response to “How to choose?”

  1. optic Says:

    We share something in common.

    I reckon its the collecting factor where u feel satisfied when u have it. lol

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