Figure Costs – (HOLYOMFGCRAP) – How much have you spent?

I took the time today, to count up just how much I’d spent on figures. I did the bigger PVC figures first. Getting a job had really impacted how much I spend, which in some ways I’m glad on, in others, I could cry at how much I’ve spent on plastic girls (and a couple of boys) alone… I converted the totals into Yen and American Dollars aswell for those who don’t know Pounds very well. I counted 24 figures as ‘big’ This included Pocco and my Figma Haruhi, cos they cost more the prices of big figures anyways, even if they are smaller. (Although Haruhi standing next to Konomi-chan, theres only bout an inch in it, and Pocco is the same height roundabouts.)

Ok, time for the nitty gritty, after a grueling session on a calculater, the total for big figures I’ve spent (not the Recommended Retail Prices or shipping) is…

£768!!! (Which is an impressive 163670 Yen or $1531.45!!!) It could make a person sick…. for that money, I could have bought a Xbox 360 and PS3, and maybe even a PSP depending on how much it was!!! Or I could have bought a fantastically wonderful new laptop!! With loads of Ram and HD space and a awesome graphics card!!! Or I could have bought loads more Manga, DVD’s, books etc!!!!

But somehow… I really couldn’t care less…. because I love my figures. I really, really do. I find myself just looking at them, wondering how on earth they got so gorgeous… It’s insane to think that anyone crafted this…. because they’re just so…..perfect…

Anyways, onto some of my favourite purchases to date, in no particular order….(I seem to be having some trouble inserting pictures, so link and compelation pic will have to do at the mo….. mucho sorry…)

I know its not showing up, but maybe if you click it you'll be able to see it then...

I know its not showing up, but maybe if you click it you'll be able to see it then...


I first saw Corti-chan(1) at, can’t remember which post though… anyways, I thought I was never gonna have a figure like her. I never thought someone would import her, but one day, at the London Expo in May, I saw her…. for just £29!!!! I thought I was going crazy! (They must have mislabelled her or something, cos on the site, she costs a *little* more. I am soooo grateful to TokyoToys, they made one of my many dreams come true!

The TokyoToys store in London is also where I found the delightful Sumomo Akihime, who I had my eye on for a while. At £37, she is still my most expensive figure. I got Konomi-chan that day too, for just £25.

The day I got Sumomo and Konomi was also the day I got Sana Horiuchi for £22 and Clalaclan for £35, both from Forbidden Planet.

Two of my other lucky purchases who I had spotted on were Koko Tsukishima from DaCapo II, who I saw in one of the photoshoots for one of the big figure events, and knew I must have her!! I got her for £25, same as my other DCII figure Asakura-chan. And Estel Freesia, who I think I came upon not only on, but through the suggested items at the bottom of HobbyLinkJapan’s figure pages while I was browsing one day. She was priced at £35, more than my Corti-chan, which was suprising, but it mattered not, because I knew I must have her!!!

Finally, a figure which still remains a solid competitor for the title of my favourite figure, Chie Yoshioka, from To Heart 2, and To Heart 2 Another Days. She has one of the most fullsome, gorgeous figures of all my figure collection!!! She doesn’t have overly stick thin legs like Konomi and Asakura. Chie-chan’s have shape! And her pose is gorgeous, face; gorgeous, striped pantsu(!!!); gorgeous!!!! There is nothing bad I can say about her!!!! She makes me smile to look at. She truly is fantastic!!! (Thats my Chie-chan rant over and done with lol)

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6 Responses to “Figure Costs – (HOLYOMFGCRAP) – How much have you spent?”

  1. samanosuke Says:

    You got Corticarte for only £29?? I was also at the show but didn’t see the deal – dammit! Although it’s only a *little* bit more on their website…. ahem

    Btw, did you get Clalaclan from the Forbidden Planet store or website? Working near their store, I visit regularly so would hate it if they stocked it their and sold out before I got my mits on ’em!

    Anyway, I find it best not to think about how much I’ve spent on figures, because I know it is a very damaging figure (no pun intended!)

  2. optic Says:

    I’m still waiting for HLJ to put a big fat “Sale” label on Corti-chan. I really want her but I’m paying 6,000 Yen for it.

    Just looking back now, I know I spent over the 1k AUD mark without doing the calculations. @_@

  3. meronpan Says:

    £768? i wish i’d only spent that much ^^;;; and i’d also just like to say that shipping frikkin kills me ;_;

  4. dingsan Says:

    Um, yeah. About that laptop…

  5. andra Says:

    Corti is really good but I dropped her due to $$ problem T_T

    this is my first year collecting figures; my USD$600+ flew ^^;

  6. Panther Says:

    Shipping is freaking expensive, luckily I have a local store that helps me.

    Total is just over 2K SGD spent…less than what you have spent so far though, Meimi.

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