Wall-E – Living up to the hype

When we were finally sitting down, I was already not in the mood for this kind of family-orientated film, my little brother had split some popcorn, I didnt have enough money left for extra popcorn, there was a High School Musical 3 trailer in the trailers…. nothing pleased me….

The Pixar short was awesome. I won’t give anything away to those who haven’t seen it yet. But it was a good laugh. Well worth enduring the horrible SpongeBob Nickelodeon movie-title-thingy beforehand….

I dont wanna spoil any of the actual plot, cause it’s all very well done, I could nit-pick at a few (very) small details, but I shant right now. And what people have been saying, about it becoming the defining movie of our time, is entirely possible frankly. All the characters were (eventually) endearing. Although the dancing I could have done without personally…. for me it was a cringe-worthy moment… My favourite robot had to me Mo. (Or M-o, as I’ve found it spelt on websites after I googled it.) Mo was awesome. The movie makes me want a Wall-E toy…. robot, whatever, just something that looks like Wall-E to sit in my room and look cute. And I want a Mo. But not a Eve. I can live without Eve.

I am such a girl…. recently, I’ve found myself tearing up at every emotional movie moment. And I mean EVERY!!! (Last night The Girl from Rio was on, and I was even tearing up a bit at the sad moment(s) of that…) It’s all this damn girly anime…. it’s toying with me…. I didnt used to be this bad…. Anyways, the ending is quite, emotional, if you will. I dont know if others reacted in the same way, because I wasn’t gonna look round with my eyes glistening with the tears of 1000 babies….

It's those droopy eyes that makes him cuter....

It's those droopy eyes that makes him cuter....

Anyways, ’nuff said about the emotional stuff. The animation, was as expected, breathtaking. There was a strange combo of CGI Animation live action videos and photo’s in the movie, but they were from the past only. Present time humans were all CGI, as you will have seen in the adverts probably.

Mo, looking awesome on this poster.

Mo, looking awesome on this poster.

The ending music was good too, almost made me well up again, but my little brother demanded we go, so it let me off easy lol. I would have liked to stay for the whole credits to see if there were any extra goodies to see….

Toys…. I googled Wall-E when I got home, and got all kinds of results up, but in one of my image searches, I found this to begin with. A interactive Wall-E toy. BUT thats not all, through this blog, I found something better, more expensive, but better…. The ULTIMATE WALL-E!!!! As the Pixar Blog calls it lol. Apparantly retailing at $189.99. So that means… since in the UK we get suckily-high prices compared to the US, it’ll be about £150 I guess…. It’s so unfair…. There are also cheaper Wall-E toys, less functioning, more toys than robots than the afformentioned products, which can be seen here at Mike Jutan’s blog.

Anyways. That is all for now. All I can do is recommend you go see Wall-E, because you WILL be missing out if you don’t. It’s that simple folks.

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3 Responses to “Wall-E – Living up to the hype”

  1. Danver Says:

    I enjoyed this comic on the movie: http://2dglasses.com/comics/2008/07/21/lessons_from_wall-e/ 🙂

  2. samanosuke Says:

    Ohh i’m really looking forward to watching this as it’s received rave reviews!

    I only briefly ran through this post incase you had spoilers so I haven’t commented on much (but the ‘ULTIMATE WALL-E” did catch my eye whilst typing!)

    Me and my girlfriend was having a debate about how you pronounce the name – is is pronounce ‘Wally’ (as in ‘where’s wally?’ – classic!) right?

  3. samanosuke Says:

    I finally watched Wall-e the other day -great movie. I *almost* had watery eyes towards the end.

    Oh you missed THE greatest funny after the credits!…. actually, no you didn’t. I sat through to the end of the credits but there was absolutely nothing, so you didn’t miss anything. I on the other hand, wasted a couple of minutes of my life. =p

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