Gaia Rejected Olympics 2008

Intially, I was a bit wary of the Gaia Olympics, I didnt think it was gonna be too much fun. But boy was I wrong!!! The games you play are like WarioWare minigames!!! Which are awesome!!! My Average Overall Score right now, as of this moment is 9.27, which I thought was damn good seeing as I havent been playing too long!!!

I suggest all those who have accounts, go join in(And join Team Barton! The Original Gaia Town!!) And those who don’t have accounts, sign up NOW and join in!!!!!!! Just don’t join a Team and sit there and do nothing, thats why the Team average is so low right now, damn mule accounts….(For those of you who don’t know, Gaia is a mix of MMORPG, forum and mini games n such. It’s been going since 2003(Woooooo)and is mega-awesome!!!)


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One Response to “Gaia Rejected Olympics 2008”

  1. Derian_Atowoudo Says:

    I felt the same way.
    Then I realized that Durem is the way to go, and now I’m having fun. ;D

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