It’s too hot…..

I dont like warm weather much as it is… but this is ridiculous…. its Britain. It shouldn’t be this warm!!!! Nor should it be as deathly cold as it is in the Winter now, stupid global warming…..:sulk: I was born in Winter, therefore I think thats why I like cold weather better. Least when its cold you can wrap up warm and snuggle beneath your duvet. But when its too hot, the only thing you can do is wear less clothing. But what if its too hot then? Huh? Theres nothing you can do…. tis why I hate it…. AND, not only that, I now have Figures to worry about, bending, leaning and such. So far they’re fine…. but this is only the start of the uber-hot weather…. I will need a fan in my room if the weather continues this way….. Is it hot where you live right now?

Heat exhaustion-much?

Heat exhaustion-much?

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