Chie Yoshioka – That Green-haired Gal

I realised, after someone asked who the girl in my header was, that I haven’t introduced one of my favourite anime girls. Or, to be more specific, my favourite girl from a visual novel. The only reason I like her is because I saw the figure of her on DannyChoo and knew I had to have her! The figures got a great pose, she’s got an adorable face, and she’s not stick thin like alot of figures! She has some shape! You can see her here, and this person has Konomi-chan too!!! Like me!!! Gotta love To Heart 2!!

(Comes from the blog I linked.)

(Also comes from the afformentioned blog. Very nice photos I must say!)

Theres another figure which I saw ages ago on a figure site (which I’ll have to hunt down…) which comes from this outfit in the To Heart 2 Another Days eroge.

This outfit here!

This outfit here!

I do have more photo’s of the actual figure (which looks like it is cast off for those who like that choice) but I’ll have to find them, I’ve misplaced them on my ExHD…. lol

Isn't she gorgeous?!

Isn't she gorgeous?!

I really-really-really hope they release a PVC pre-painted version of this… It will be one that I MUST have!!! Utterly and completely!!

I hope I've turned you to the way of Chie!

I hope I've turned you to the way of Chie!

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2 Responses to “Chie Yoshioka – That Green-haired Gal”

  1. Blowfish Says:

    Thanks for the information! As far as i know theres no english translation out there for to heart right?

    I prefer the figure with the jacket.It has the special something^^

  2. meronpan Says:

    figured i’d cross-post my findings here in case you miss my comment on danny’s site:

    think i found the figure…
    Cerberus Project WF2008 (winter) release resin kit:
    didn’t see any information about a pvc release, although it wasn’t really an exhaustive search i did. i don’t know much about wonfes… but it seemed like the winter wonfes is in feb, so the kit was shown off earlier this year i think?

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