Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – FIGURES!!!! Thats right!! FIGURES! (MUST GET!!!)

I remeber a few days ago I saw the Haruka bikini figure, from the previous post I mentioned. (You can see said bikini in post below, or, here, on the figure!!

The figure itself comes out early August (DAMN me that I can’t preorder stuff…) the HobbySearch page is here!. Isn’t she lovely? On top of that loveliness, there are two more figures coming out, in late September. Granted these figures are the same, but have two different colour variation. (Pink ftw!)

And the yellow variant…

Both these beauties are still available to pre-order(or reserve, what ever you call it). So you lucky people who can preorder. Please do so!!! PLEASE!!! Then give it to meeeee!! lol The pink version can be found here, and the yellow (limited edition) version can be found here! Both figures are by Toy Works, a company I’ve never really heard of. Although some of the figures they have done can be browsed here. Their figures look to be of pretty good quality I reckon. You may disagree, but I’m not arguing with a figure as cute as that one! The Bikini figure is by Clayz, who I have heard of. Some of their figures can be found here. Unfortunately preorders on the Bikini figure are over….:sob:

Anyways, just thought you might like to know, since they are gorgeously-gorgeous figures!! Question, which would you get? Pink or yellow? I’d go for the pink, cos thats the one from the show.

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3 Responses to “Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – FIGURES!!!! Thats right!! FIGURES! (MUST GET!!!)”

  1. Coco the Bean Says:

    She’s so cute! I think I like the pink and yellow ones equally.

  2. Nomad Says:

    ooooh she looks great, but for some reason i like the yellow one the most, maybe because theres a full shot of her in yellow? *shrugs* but really nice!

  3. samejima Says:

    It’s really cute. Haruka-chan is really cute especially the bikini version makes me go MOEEEEEEEEE and nosebleed at the same time. Too bad the price is a killer.

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