Having a debit card is BAD for me… VERY VERY BAD!!! There are so many places I can get figures from that I couldn’t before….. like Neon Martian and UP1!!! :sob: So much temptation….. and I’ve been told to save some money for uni….. I’ve got £30+ spare and I wish, wish, WISH I could get stuff with it… There are at least…. :counts: 10 things I REALLY want…. 5 of which are out of print….. Hauuuuuuuu :sob:

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3 Responses to “Temptations….”

  1. Nomad Says:

    lol haha I’m having the same problem with my new debit card also lol.. sooo much to get but i have to save up for education 😦 and all my pre-orders lol haha.

  2. optic Says:

    In time, it’s easy to control ur spending. Yes, temptation is very common and they can send u broke.
    Usually what I do is I sleep on it. It works…. sometimes. xD

  3. Justin Says:

    same here! i’ve got my debit card 3 months’ back, and I try to use it sparingly, but can’t! Luckily, I still have some degree of control after a while…maybe you will too!

    Oh yeah, added you into my blog links! RSS added to my Firefox bookmarks!

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