List of Pure-Want : Part 1

Those long months of dying to get figures I could never get because I didnt have access to the websites are now OVER! Forever!! From now on, I am able to order and preorder my hearts (many) desires!! So, relating to that, I have compiled a list. A list of figures which are very easily available to me that I want or have wanted for ages but was not able to buy. I’ve listed them so the top priority is at the top. (Preorders are not in the list of priorities because they don’t have a chance of going out of stock like some of the ones that are in stock.) I will preorder the preorders that I want, then wait for them to be released, so they’re not a money problem right now.

I can only order from certain sights, not HobbySearch sadly… but HobbyLinkJapan has everything I want!! So it’s all good!! Now for the list!!! EDIT: I will be getting these one by one probably, as I get paid every two weeks lol. MF Haruhi should be here tomorrow, and Nendoroid Miku has been ordered!!

Senko no Ronde: Pec Champo 1/8 Scale PVC Figure

In first place on my list of Want we have the delectable Pec Champo. Who I first encountered on DannyChoo’s site. I just love her pose, her face, the bright pink see-through dress is adorable too!! And at £32, £37 with shipping, I must have her!!!! Finally!!!

La Pucelle 1/6 Prier PVC

La Pucelle 1/6 Prier PVC

In 2nd we have Prier. Prier comes from the game La Pucelle, or La Pucelle Tactics(UK title) to me. I wanted this game for yonks before I finally got it earlier this year off ebay, and I always loved the character designs. So when saw this on HLJ one day I was like ‘OMG MUST GET!!!’ and when I saw it on Neon Martian, I was ‘OMG WIN!!’. It’s £46, £50 with shipping, but its worth it. Since it costs the same on HLJ anyways.

Shining Wind 1/8 Kureha PVC

Shining Wind 1/8 Kureha PVC

3rd place goes too Kureha!!! I’m sure you all know her, right? I would love either Kureha figure. But I prefer this one, she seems cuter. People have said that the previous Kureha has a more mature face. This Kureha has more dynamic too. But dymanic poses arn’t the main seller for me. Tis the cuteness factor really. I’m gonna get her for £37, $41 with shipping.

Succubus 1/8 Scale PVC Statue

Mabinogi: Succubus 1/8 Scale PVC Statue

4th is the Mabinogi Succubus. I saw her online first and thought, ‘ooo pretty’, but wasn’t too fussed about her. Then I saw her at the Expo in May, and she just looked so awesome in real life!!! But I didnt have enough money left… I was gutted…. But I can get her now!!! £31, £35 with shipping.

End of part one!! More tomorrow!

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4 Responses to “List of Pure-Want : Part 1”

  1. louki Says:

    lol, that remind me the time when i discover HLJ for the first time. I placed orders like a crazy and by the way, spending lot of money in figures that cause me some troubles with my finances ^^, But i don’t regret anything. Figures are so cutes that it’s impossible to feel guilty about them.

  2. samanosuke Says:

    Hey Meimi, sounds as if you’ve now got bottomless funds! And some nice choices you have.

    Champo was actually part of Play-Asia’s 25% off promotion, and I was contemplating whether I should get her or not. She sold out whilst I was thinking about it though! -_-
    Kamikaz actually have her in stock for £34.99. If you wanna save on shipping, you may wanna pay them a visit as they’ve actually got a stand in Camden market now.

    Also, forbidden planet Int. have Kureha instock for £32.99, and if memory serves correct, they only charge about £2.50 for delivery of one item.

    Anyway, regardless of where you decide to buy, good luck on your purchases!

  3. Blowfish Says:

    Excellent Choices Meimi!
    I wish i had some spare money to buy Champo.I fell in Love with her when i saw her at happysoda.

    Im looking forward to your soon to come pictures of her^^

  4. Panther Says:

    Hmm I far prefer Max Factory’s Kureha to Kotobukiya’s, at least they are rereleasing Kotobukiya’s. I already have MF’s, so not interested.

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