Strike Witches 5 – Late Night Fanservice

It’s past 1 in the morning here in the UK, and I just finished watching ep 5 of Strike Witches half an hour ago. Since then I set about collecting screenshots. Before I go off to beddy-byes, I thought some of you might like to see what you can expect from this weeks episode.

Thats right, its a beach episode, and you know what that means…

…itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-bikinis!!(But no yellow polkadots…) Plus some of this…

…and this…

(Miyafugi’s a dirty girl!)…even some of this…

…and a bit more…

…so as you can see. Much lesbian shenanigans this episode. All you yuri-loves will be much pleased. And if I’m correct…. I don’t remember seeing one boy the entire episode…. I’d have to watch again to be sure, so dont take my word just yet.

Thats all for now, bedtime….sleeptime….:yawn: Enjoy the filth!

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One Response to “Strike Witches 5 – Late Night Fanservice”

  1. samejima Says:

    Nosebleed attack @…@

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