MIA – Taking a trip

I won’t be able to update untill tuesday unfortunately. I’m going down to Kent to visit one of the places I could be going to uni, and to Ikea on the way to get cheap stuff for uni. (lol) BUT because relatives we hardly know live down there we are staying with them for the night…:shudder: Im apprehensive about it frankly… Anyways, thats all, I’ve gotta get going.

See ya'll later....

See ya'll later....

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4 Responses to “MIA – Taking a trip”

  1. Persocom Says:

    Have a safe trip ^^

  2. Justin Says:

    have fun in your trip! ^^
    and a safe journey as well!

  3. gordon Says:

    if u need my gundam to pick u up just let me know. ^^

  4. Blowfish Says:

    Be sure to take a Detolf with you while your at Ikea!Its basic Otaku equipment after all^^
    A Poäng is also a nice addition to any room.Its a very comfy(and cheap) armchair.

    What are you planning to major in?

    I wonder if youre supposed to be the Super Positive Girl or the Desperate Suicidal Sensei ^_^

    Have a safe trip

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