GSC Lucy Maria Misora – GET!!!

I got her!!! I finally got her!!!! She arrived today!! The site I ordered her from shipped her yesterday at about 1pm-ish!!! Looks like she was sorced from France going by the label on the back of the box. I am sooooo grateful to UP1! It might have taken up to 28 days!!! But I only ordered her last week! And here she is!!! Bigger than I thought too. Almost the same height as MF Haruhi. Taller than Konomi though, no suprises there, I think everyone of my standing PVC figures are taller that my little Konomi lol. (Oh, btw, I’m back lol)

Pretty box. Very pretty. The ‘Venus Idol Project AquaPlus Edition’ thing is very cute. (Was that on all boxes?) I looked on the AT-G site to see what it was all about. They’re (co-)responsible for the really cute To Heart mini figures. In that set theres a mini version of the GSC Konomi(that DannyChoo has) and a mini GSC Komaki, along with other little cuties, but not Lucy….

(You can see the French label, its from Abysse Corp, which funnily enough was advertised in Neo magazine in the latest issue… I checked the site, but the English versions not up properly yet.

My 3 special ladies from To Heart 2. I have a girl from To Heart 1 aswell, Tomoko, she’s alot plainer, older figure I spose. Still has a great sculpt, and I got her very cheap, she was one of my early purchases.

My ladies again, box off Lucy this time. GAWD I love her… I have a friend called Lucy too, she’s glad that this Lucy is gorgeous too.

Lucy out of her box, finally!! This was taken with a flash, tis why it looks a tad strange. I prefer this one, without the proper-big flash, just a littler flash.

Either way, she’s gorgeous!! I’m sooooo glad I finally have her!!! She is a fantastic figure! Bravo to ‘yr?’ who sculpted her!! And bravo to GoodSmile for the excellent paint job!! She truly is a gorgeous specimen!! One of the best hairline joins I’ve seen too. I never really looked at the hairlines untill I read about them when other people pointed out the good/bad ones. Lucy’s is so level, as I sit here, you can’t see the hairline from this angle. Her hair is just fantastic too. I wish I had a better camera so I could show you how good it is. And the clothes! The skirt is thicker than Konomi’s, but its got more movement in it. More creases. Same witht he top, much more detail. Konomi’s is brilliant too, but its puffier in a way, Lucy’s has the detailed creases you would get when standing in that position. Arms stretched down and what-not.

She is gorgeous. Fantastically gorgeous!! I love her!! But I really-really am running out of room… I think alot of my mini figures will have to be moved very soon… specially when Pec Champo arrives(haven’t ordered her yet, but will tomorrow, payday! :grin:)

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6 Responses to “GSC Lucy Maria Misora – GET!!!”

  1. Frank-Ocean81 Says:

    Hello! got Lucy too! Personally i don’t really like her legs….too ”fatty” in my opinion…she looks like a little piggy! ahahaha…
    if you can try to get the wave version of this beautiful girl! much better,trust me!

  2. meronpan Says:

    grats! th2 was one of the first visual novels i played (hmm mebbe the first?) so i always get a nice ping of nostalgia from stuff like this ^_^

    lucy’s scenario wasn’t my favorite, but her whole ru- thing grew on me later hehe

    i’m jealous of your th2 stuff! i still have none orz

  3. blueplains Says:

    Wow she looks fantastic,and I think her legs look fine^^thick legs are pretty good as long as they don’t look like disturbed water XD

    Anyways nice huh review,I can tell you really like her^^,she’s on my list as well,but further towards the back:l and nice collection:D

    oh yeah Hi I’m Roy if we haven’t met before^^

  4. Blowfish Says:

    You are building yourself an army of cute girls that no male can resist! Admit it!

  5. k Says:

    hey! You have some nice figures there ^^
    Thanks for naming the figure too!

  6. Persocom Says:

    She looks great! I like her eyes and hair, and the detail put into her clothing. Also, her base isn’t just a plain dull looking one like so many figures these days. Good pick!

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