Strike Witches ep 6 Solidarity – Teaser

Just posting this before I go to bed. Todays ep seems to have eased up on the fanservice.(Anything that could be construde as fanservice is tastefully; and I mean that, covered up, with careful rays of light or such like. It doesnt seem like blantent fanservice like some of the previous episodes have. The tone seems to have quietened. Good thing. And Sanya seems like a nice character. Probably why the tones quietened.

Three in a bed? And the little one said? ......

Three in a bed? And the little one said? ......

Sanya is the bottom left girl, holding the stuffed toy. Will be intresting to see how her story pans out.

AND, shows how much I’ve been paying attention… apparantly its 1944….. :doi: I honestly don’t remember seeing any other dates at the bottom of the screen untill now. Maybe in the first ep, but that was 6 weeks ago!! My memory ain’t fantastic lol.

EDIT: The end of the episode has a pretty moving bit and a nice piece of music, so if you cry easy, be prepared. The ed song is also probably my favourite so far, sung by, I assume, Sanya and Eila.

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