Windy Tales – Unique

I stumbled upon this while waiting for episode 6 of Strike Witches(I keep almost typing Sky Girls lol). Windy Tales is like no anime I’ve seen before. Reminds me most of Oban Star Racer, that French/Japanese coproduction which was quite like Star Wars Pod Racing. (lol)

Once I saw flying cats I knew it was a series for me.

Once I saw flying cats I knew it was a series for me.

It’s apparantly a blend of 2D and 3D animation, but I haven’t come across the 3D yet, or at least haven’t noticed any. (I’m only just finishing episode 1 now lol) It’s style is lovely. This would be the kind of stuff I could do in Uni without getting told off for doing anime/manga style lol.

Love the eyes, and the simplicity.

Love the eyes, and the simplicity.

The designs might seem childish, but I dont believe it is. Ahhhh just read Studio I.G were responisble for Tokyo Marble Chocolate too, seems about right. Loved that style too. Just read more… OMG they did Medabots too!!! I love Medabots Damashi(sequal with Kilobots in) to bits! And if I remember correctly the character designs from that are very faintly reminscent of Windy Tales!! (It may just be my desperation to connect them lol) I.G also did IGPX, which I completely ignored when I had access to Sky TV for a bit (when round my Grandma’s) lol.

Anyways. Night night, tis after midnight here, and I’m off early in the morning, going to Stratford Upon Avon to see Hamlet!!! I won’t be back till Saturday evening! So you’ll have to live a day or so without me!! Poor things lol.

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2 Responses to “Windy Tales – Unique”

  1. Persocom Says:

    Does look interesting, and with only 13 episodes sounds like a good series to watch on a rainy day.

  2. suki Says:

    I lost my episodes after a obligatory format T_T
    It’s a cute little series, from the little I’ve seen

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