Back from Hamlet – was flippin’ fantastic!!

And I’m not just saying that because the great David Tennant and Patrick Stuart were in it. Excluding Tennant my favourite character had to be Horaitio. He was cool, and one of few not to go crazy lol. It was a very crazy play lol. But its Shakespeare. It happens. I couldn’t help but notice how bouncy and spry Tennant was though, jumping/running all over the place! No shoes or socks cause he would have fallen over if he did wear them.(Slippy floor) The set design was fantastic. Mirrored floor with 5 giant mirrors that spin round at the back, which acted like doors when they had to. It was so AWESOME!! I didnt even mind not sitting as close as I would have liked, cause it turned out to be more compact than I expected. Another awesome thing, the actors run around behind the stage getting changed for different roles/scenes!!! A shiver actually went up my spine everytime I knew he ran so close behind me. (I was second row from the back.)

Even in a beanie....

Even in a beanie....

I was a bit disappointed he wasn’t doing it in his real(scottish)accent, but maybe he’ll use it for Love’s Labours Lost if I’m lucky. (I have front row seats for that!! :faints: And thats another thing, I wasn’t nearly as fangirly as I thought I’d be. I didn’t go all giggly and stupid when he came on. It didnt feel real though… Dunno why…. still hasn’t really sunk in that I’ve seen him live….weird…. But it was brilliant!! Ofelia was my least favourite character, the actress herself was great, but I didnt like Ofelia’s character, too much like Perdita for my liking, all waif-like and handing out flowers…. bugged me… and I hated the Winters Tale too… Much Ado About Nothing is probably the most enjoyable school ever put us through. We never did Hamlet in school though, so the ending was a complete suprise!! I kinda saw it coming anyway… tis Shakespeare after all.

Now I have to study up on Love’s Labours Lost, cos the wiki synopsis made it sound alright. Shocked me lol. Alot of the cast who are in Hamlet are in Love’s Labours Lost, which will be nice. I liked the cast. Tom Davey rocked.

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2 Responses to “Back from Hamlet – was flippin’ fantastic!!”

  1. omisyth Says:

    Oh god, I’ve done Hamlet to death in school, so I’d probably be nitpicking if I ever saw this.

  2. xJAYMANx Says:

    Greetings! Danny’s most recent post “Anime Figures” reminded me of my comment on your DC post “Your First Figure” which in turn led me *here*, lol. Then I scrolled down, saw this pic, didn’t recognize yet *did* recognize him. He looks so different from his more famous TV character! But if Tennant was as good as he is in Doctor Who (especially Season 4), and can compete on the same level as Patrick (isn’t it spelled Stewart?), then I can only imagine how brilliant he was in Hamlet, lol. Thanx for the review (and your DC “Bravo”, lol).

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