Nabari no Ou – Spring Season Anime I’m finally looking at…

When the spring season came around, I downloaded 4 or 5 episodes to try and pick a series to follow. But for some reason I never got round to watching any of them…. It may have been because I was concentrating on finishing Higurashi off….or schoolwork…. I honestly can’t remember….. A little way into the spring season I picked up Kurenai, which turned out to be very good. Anyways, Nabari no Ou was one of the 4/5 I planned to look at. Usually the word ‘ninja’ will put me off a series straight away, but I liked the character designs of NNO, I think I chose series based completely on the appearence in April…. not normally what I’de do. Usually I research into it, or a friend recommends it.

Nabari no Ou is mighty pretty, I’ll give it that. Tis very good animation in my oppinion. And quite funny in places. Bits like this I find particularly funny.

I love how he pretends to be girly to shock people. I lol’d.

And the voice actor for that character, Rokujo, is a girl like I thought, and is the voice of Shana from Shakugan no Shana!! And the voice of Sayo in Super Gals!! Datchu!! (Love Super Gals!!)

Anyways, was just looking through my archives and seeing what I hadn’t watched before, (picked something to watch while I was drying my hair lol) and its turned out to be pretty good. Might look into the rest sometime soon.

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