Desk Arrangement

This is currently what my desk looks like. Hardly a desk, more a display…. You might think that I have left hardly any room to move the mouse, but I manage well enough. lol. Click for a bigger pic if you wanna closer look at some of the figures.

I have now officially run out of room for figures… I would have to move most of the mini figures off my tall boy(the wardrobe thing on the left of my desk) to make more room….. and I don’t wanna…. but I’m going to Uni soon… so I’ll have even less room…. and transporting them will be a faff…. but I have the boxes for quite a few of the ones I’m taking. Thats another problem…. how the hell do I decide who to take???!!! I know there are at least 7 I feel that I **must** bring with me… but I feel bad leaving the others… and I’ll be away from them for so long…. and god knows what my parents will do to my room while I’m gone…. if they break ANY of them… they will be forced to buy new ones, and it won’t be easy, considering lots of my figures are discontinued….

And a quick pic of my darling cat! I’ll miss her so much when I’m at Uni….

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12 Responses to “Desk Arrangement”

  1. Panther Says:

    Your cat is too dark to see anything. Where is the head zomg. Congratulations on getting into your first choice uni by the way.

  2. Persocom Says:

    Nice collection, I really couldn’t say which ones to take and leave behind. I’d have a hard time making that decision too. Who knows what it’ll be like there. I’d be afraid dorm mates would break them too.

  3. gordon Says:

    lol figures don’t break easily darling. ^^;

  4. Justin Says:

    LOL ^ It’s best you don’t bring any more than 2, or heck don’t bring any! i rather let them be safe in your home than in the dorm. somehow, the chances of them getting damaged is rather lower!

    cute cat! never seen one with brown and black fur before! ^^

  5. Blowfish Says:

    Your Cat is doing what cats do best: beeing lazy

    I wouldnt take any figure with me to the dorm.Who knows what happens when your roommates or their visitors see them?Theyll be touched alot.
    If id had to choose one id take baek champo with me

  6. optic Says:

    I thought that was a wig before I read it was ur cat. lol
    Haruhi is a must bring. No one is allowed to ignore the godness. ^^

  7. James Says:

    Take Sumomo ’cause she’s too cute to be left alone 😥

    And yes you’re missing some space now ^^ but OMG i love your Asuka , i so wanted this one , she’s great 🙂

  8. George Says:

    nice room!

  9. ClearTranquil Says:

    Lol looks a little like my desk minus the TV. You might want to think about shelves?

    BTW: I don’t believe we’ve blogrolled eachother. ^^;;

    I’ll be happy to put you on my list, just give me a comment on my links page.

  10. misakichii Says:

    Konomi and Lucy are a must!

  11. suneo Says:

    your cat is just a big ball of black/brown fur! Can’t tell where she starts and ends lol

  12. meimi132 Says:

    lol, my cat’s lovely like that.

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