Secret Smile came today!!!

I had to the Secret Smile dvd from the Netherlands through the Amazon marketplace, since stupid ITV havent licenced a UK release yet… STUPID ITV!!! It’s been 3 years since they even showed it!!!! And its got David Tennant in it! Do they know how much they’re missing out on by not selling a DVD?!? All the crazed-Tennant fangirls would buy it for sure!!! (Heck, I imported it! Shows how crazed I am! lol)

I got this DVD, but theres another one available, I paid £7 for it, plus £1.24 shipping, not much for what it is. Mini series like this they could charge god knows what for in the UK if they wanted too….

This was pre-Doctor Who, and done with his Scottish accent, which I prefer. So much cuteness, although slightly crazy cuteness in Secret Smile. Anyways, tis all good, tis one more DVD in my Tennant back-catalogue lol.

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