I love this advert, so-so much!!! It’s freakin’ awesome!!! (BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!!!)

It’s a great ad campaign,(this isn’t the only advert) I’m actually tempted to try the sweets, seeing if they’re nicer than sweets full of food colouring and addictives. (I love e-numbers!!! lolz)

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3 Responses to “BRING ON THE TRUMPETS!!”

  1. gordon Says:

    does “bring on the trumpets” means anything? or does it have anything to do with the massage and the brand name “the natural confectionery company”?

  2. Osmotico Says:


  3. Soph Says:

    Maybe it means that it is so good we have sweets containing natural stuff that that should have a fanfare, with trumpets, hence ‘Bring on the trumpets’ would translate to something like ‘Thats great!!’………. Bring on the trumpets!!!!

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