Churuya-san – Tsuruya-san?

While I was reading something about the Hatsune Miku Nendoroid, I came across and reference to Churuya-san, and not knowing what Churuya-san was, I followed the link it gave, which brough me here. Hoorah for Tsuruya-san I say!! I must say my favourite girl from SNnY has to be Tsuruya-san. The combo of green hair and the way she speaks is to die for!!

This little 4koma features Churuya-san, an obvious derivative of Tsuruya-san, and the rest of the SOS dan. I was unaware of it till now, I’m sure most of you lot out there weren’t lol. I’m just slow to catch on… heh. But the Hachune Miku character was mentioned to be Churuya-san-esque. I do see what the people at Heisei Democracy meant. It got me wondering… who was the first Churuya-san-esque character or parody? Before Churuya-san I mean. Just a question to ponder on. (Below is one of my favourites)

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One Response to “Churuya-san – Tsuruya-san?”

  1. Persocom Says:

    I wondered why her name was different too. I’ve seen one or two of the 4koma before but I never realize how big it was.

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