How many hours have we been watching???!!! :faints:

I have yet to work that out…. but I’ve worked out(approxamatly)how many episodes, OVA’s and anime movies I have watched over the years, starting with the Moomins on BBC2 in the morning when I was about 6. The full list can be found here, on a new page I made(called Anime Watch List), easier access than a blog post I thought.

The pic I've used for a wallpaper that I'm currently using.
The pic I’ve for my current wallpaper.

Isn’t Haruka-chan just lovely?!! So lovely…..

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3 Responses to “How many hours have we been watching???!!! :faints:”

  1. Nomad Says:

    you should check out it counts up your hours, and you have a watching list, watched list and even stalled, dropped and wont watch list.. the site atm is going through some updates so not all the normal features are there, but you can still make an account and ad anime to your list ^_^ not sure if it will count up your hours yet.. may be a couple of weeks till that feature is up and running yet!

  2. BandAiD Says:

    Newest ep just aired a couple hours ago. Can’t wait for the subs!!!

    I recommend Myanimelist personally, much cleaner and faster site.

  3. suneo Says:

    hmm…interesting…I wonder how many hours I’ve wasted with anime myself..haha. Hmm more than 13 or 14 years worth of hours to count up… I don’t even remember any cartoons from my childhood before anime anymore lol.

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