Asda Story – Another Free MMORPG

I know there are quite a few free MMORPG’s floating round now. I’m usually detered from downloading and playing them by the huge filesize, 900mb-1gb’s etc. When I find some that are 600mb or less I’ll usually give them a go. I was however so enthralled by the idea of Mabinogi that I downloaded the 900&something-mb file only to find out that it was only playable in North America!!! Oh how I cursed….. I thought Asda Story might be the same, so I didnt get my hopes up. But I was lucky. And I now get to play this uber-cute MMORPG! With another clever idea to draw in the girl players, a soulmate system, where pairing up increases your power. I have yet to find mine…. but its early days. I’m only level 13 after all
Me at an earlier level.

Me at an earlier level.

The graphics are pretty good for a 600mb file. And the customisable aspect is always a plus. And, like with alot of these MMORPG’s, there are insentives to pay actual money, Campus Cash will buy you new hair, funky nimbus-clouds to ride on,(Just like Goku!! lol) and other stuff. Now I have a paypal account I am sorely tempted to get some Campus Cash… but I’ll hold back… I’ll restrain myself… There is a fairly wide selection of outfits to choose from when first creating your character, which is nice. But what they don’t tell you is, the outfit you choose influences what basic-weapon you get, I am always warriors, or magical warriors, and when I found a bow and arrows in my inventory I was disapointed… I had to wait till level 5 to get my sword…. I went for the one handed sword and shield, but if your a warrior you can pick between one handed sword, two handed sword and a spear. I like being able to do close combat but not get killed easy, so the one handed sword with a shield, which the site said had the strongest defence, seemed like the best option to me.

The guy running on camera is wielding a two handed sword.

The guy running on camera is wielding a two handed sword.

The gameplay feels alot like Guildwars, in that you use the numbers on the keyboard to attack mostly. Like Guildwars, you set the skills you want to the slots available. I’m still fairly new, only been playing for 2 days(ish) so I’ve not mastered everything yet. But I’m doing pretty well. Got a soul mate on the first day, but I haven’t seen him since, he hasn’t been online the same time as me at least. There is a guy I’ve got my eye on, I think we’d be great together, Warriors and Mages go best together, the perfect combo of braun and magic I feel.

This is the guy I'm gonna try and hook, sitting next to me.

This is the guy, sitting next to me.

I really likethe angle of that screenshot. It’s nice. And theres no one else in the background. Thats another thing that I like about Asda Story, its not unbearably busy yet. It’s still pretty quiet on the 8 servers. (I always use Channel 8, in case anyone who reads this joins and wants to hang out!)

I’ll report back tomorrow, more about character creation, weapons, the gaming system itself. So far its really enjoyable though. I’m really happy with it.

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6 Responses to “Asda Story – Another Free MMORPG”

  1. chun Says:

    ah! I normally don’t play games but I enjoy watching! your character is so moe lol!

  2. Persocom Says:

    This does look interesting. I might have to try it out.

  3. TheFuzzy Says:

    Gotta ask, is same-sex soulmating still allowed?
    And are there any glitches so far?

    In the GamenGame version, everyone started out with a sword and bow, so an early strategy was to quickly switch between both while hunting wolves.

  4. weeeee Says:

    lol nice i randomly found this post thru google while finding quest help on asda lol. i usually play on channel 9 or 8 cause there most quiet. lol i like asda story it has a nice community =) not much of those freaks who says bad stuff

  5. Omer Altay Says:

    Asda story is actually incredibly fun. Online other free MMORPGs, Asda story has a good questing system that promotes questing over grinding. Another interesting aspect of the game is the item enhancement system; it’s definitely pretty unique.

  6. Bob Says:

    i signed up but it lags so bad i cant play so i dont know if its any fun

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