My Bag – My Mobile Fetid Pit – Oh the shame….

The contents of this bag is… shameful…. (And the bag itself is pretty old now too…. But I have a new one, exactly the same, ready for when this one croaks heh) I hardly ever get rid of the receits and tickets I accumulate. My purse is almost as bad… but I moved alot of the accumulated stuff to another purse lol.
And my bag isn’t that big… its about 9x6x3 inches. (I forgot to take pic… can’t be arsed now…) There is no room in my bag for a portable games console of any sort because I always have my water bottle in there. I wish I could bring a figma or any mini fig with me places….

List of stuff in bag….
1 Handmade Tamagotchi pouch, now holds badges lol.
2 Hairbrush
3 Lip Balm
4 High Chew wrappers, strawberry or grape flavour, can’t remember…
5 Breaking Dawn release card
6 Naruto bookmark (was freebie lol)
7 Orbital Manga advertisement postcard
8 Christmas Card from….. eon’s ago… year 10? 11? (age 15/16)
9 My Radar key!! (Sounds cooler than it actually is lol)
10 Zelda pin badge
11 Halo pin badge
12 One AAA  Duracel battery
13 Homemade Raito-kun badge
14 Ice Cream Lid from school trip to see some Shakespeare thing. (lol)
15 Two for One ticket for Sealife Center
16 Ticket for Clerks 2 at Cinema City in Norwich.
17 Oblivion Keyring (From Alton Towers 08 road trip.)
18 Magnum stick
19 My Neighbour Totoro pin badge
20 SOS Dan pin badge
21 Monokuro Boo badge
22 My skagged-out Nokia 3510i, with uber-scabby Hello Kitty Graffiti Fascia.
23 Gachapon prize list-things.
24 Ticket for the Hoosiers at the Norwich Arts Center
25 Pretty Butterfly present tag from a present from my Grandma last birthday. (December lol)
26 Ticket for The Tiny Dancers at the Norwich Arts Center
27 Train tickets, Attleborough to Norwich returns.
28 Alton Towers tickets, from the 07 school trip, and the fast pass from 08)
29 Ticket for Indiana Jones 4.
30 London Underground ticket, probably for a school trip.
31 Purse(because I dont like the wallets even though I own like…3…lol)with a Monokuro Boo keyring/dangley thing attached.
32 Pen and Pencil, my fave kind of pen that dries really quick!
33 Pretty pink lighter for gigs, I bought it for the Feeling gig in Thetford Forest Park and didnt use it…
34 Packet of Burger King salt. (LOL)
35 Rubber (in the UK we call Erasers, Rubbers.)

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One Response to “My Bag – My Mobile Fetid Pit – Oh the shame….”

  1. BandAiD Says:

    Naruto?! >.> <.<

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