Asda Story – Basics Part One

This isn’t really going to be a guide of sorts, more like a review and explanation. I feel compelled to do so… not sure why… maybe it’s because I have a blog now… and I have somewhere to report. And I’d like to play with you guys. It’s muco fun. Much like other MMORPG’s I’ve played. But this is my latest chosen one lol.

The Skills bar and menu of sorts.

The Skills bar and menu of sorts.

Not only is the menu fairly self explanitory, a little robot mascot-thing will pop up from time to time to tell you when someone is looking for you.(In relation to a quest.)

The quest window.

The quest window.

The quest window is very Guildwars-esque. Which I’m cool with. If it was too different and weird I might be put off. The familiar is much nicer. In earlier quests it gives you coordinates to where you need to go, which is great for beginners, was great for me. But you get to a certain point after level 10 where you just have to find your way on your own. It gives you the place name, so it’s fairly easy to find where you need to be. Coordinates were nicer though… :sulk:

This be the chat window.

This be the chat window.

The chat window is always useful in the game. But right now it’s been invaded by spammers advertising dodgy websites selling cheap Campus Cash, which I would NOT advise visiting. It’s obviosuly a scam. Avoid these kind of sites at all costs. Hopefully they’ll sort out the spamming soon, its not constant anyways, they’re usually set up in town, and if your far enough away you won’t hear it.

A mini map that will be on screen unless you X it off. I wouldn't though...

A mini map that will be on screen unless you X it off. I wouldn't.

You can also expand the map, so you can see the place you need to be. The coordinates feature is most useful. I can’t remember if Guildwars had coordinates or not, not to worry anyways. You can plot where you want to go on the expanded map too, saves endless clicking in front of you to move lol. I don’t think you can move with your keyboard… which is a shame, but it might just be I haven’t found out how yet. I didnt know how to add friends unless last night… and I’m level 13… twas most pathetic of me….

Of course your health bar is one of the most important features of any game.

Of course your health bar is one of the most important features of any game.

This bar/window features your hp, mp, level, profession(I’m a warrior/fighter, hence the armour.)and weight. Weight is important in this game, because if you way over 70%, you won’t regain health. And it’s very important that you do…. trust me…. There are two warehouses in Alpen town, so plenty of storage room.

Will report back more later. It’s had an update and maintanance while I was offline, which is nice.

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4 Responses to “Asda Story – Basics Part One”

  1. BandAiD Says:

    I wouldn’t mind trying out an MMORPG, but I’m afraid for my life. Something like completing getting sucked in is nothing something that is appealing to me. I also have school you know haha. Maybe I’ll give it a shot this upcoming weekend if I remember about it. damn spammers. School + Anime + Haruka + manga all come first…then again gaming is on the list ^^;

  2. suneo Says:

    hmmm thanks for reminding me
    I’ve had this downloaded for a couple weeks now I think, but couldn’t log in at the time after registering, so I just forgot about it till I just saw it again on your blog lol

  3. weeeee Says:

    lol u forgot the exp bar on the bottom of the screen the green bar

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    […] thing about the game, but Meimi did it a lot better.  Please check Meimi’s blog out for it Basics Part One, and Basics Part Two.  That is about all, I will show off my character tomorrow, but now I am […]

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