Spore – First Look.

Tonight I finally got to try Spore. Tis good fun so far. But I’ll admit… I think I’m having trouble allying some of the harder nests. I think I have to change my creature to something I dont really want… or at least the muzzle needs changing… needs to be better at singing… These are my beasties so far.

Unfortunately this is yet ANOTHER distraction from things I should be doing….. University preparation, catching up on anime(Haruka’s Secret ep 9!! I got Bleach Series 1 Part 2 yesterday too. AND Haruhi LE vol 4 came today too!! :woot:), and my other games… like Asda Story. Which I need to get on tomorrow… (Only been back at home for 6 hours, enough time to play Spore, watch some Bleach, download bloody Vista updates and more!! But not enough to play Asda and watch Haruhi too. lol)

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4 Responses to “Spore – First Look.”

  1. Ashper Says:

    Give us a shout if you need some tips, been playing it non stop since i got it 3 days ago…. also your more than welcome to my anime collection when you get to uni ( you’ll only be an hour away so i could drop it off, or post it ), lots more Bleach ^_^

  2. Panther Says:

    I feel like getting the game, been hearing good things about it and I am interested in playing it. Seems like the type of game I want to mess with.

  3. James Says:

    I love the game , am at the forth phase but sadly the first ad second phase were way better , the third was pretty bad too 😦

    But they said in the review that the best is the last , so i hope i’ll be there soon 😮

    Have fun playing , to get better you need to run in all the map searching for the skeletons to get parts , don’t bother about the others species at first . Just get lots of parts and you’ll be able to get any other creatures to allies 🙂

  4. Blowfish Says:

    I played the Demo today and absolutely loved it.I hope to get it tomorrow.
    I hope the game itself is as entertaining as designing your creatures

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