Search for Striped Pantsu

A tad bored, so decided to do a search for striped pantsu(or shimapan!). I might make it an aim to get as many figures with striped pantsu as possible. I know of two I could get already. I wonder how many more striped pantsu clad figures there are. Lots I hope. lol. Striped = Win.

Kallen was the first striped pantsu figure I came across in my search. I had no idea before now. I mean I liked the look of the figure before, but its just got so tempting to buy her now! And I know where she’s in stock… and quickly available… but I’ve never watched Code Geass. I like to know a bit about the figures I buy, but its not always necessary. Like with Corti-chan, I just saw her, recognised her from and grabbed as quick as possible!!! (£20 off the website price!!! That must have been from wrong-stickering…) This pic is from Riuva, a site which I find myself on quite a bit in recent weeks. Went there for the Yukari figure too lol. Coincidence?

Seena is another figure I’ve seen before and been sorely tempted to get, and I did know that she had striped pantsu, but I had forgotten before I saw the pictures on Daftlines blog. I still want her…. But something about Kallen is more tempting… the face? Pose? I’m not sure…. And her stripes arn’t even as nice as Seena’s… Seena’s are more like Chie’s. And Chie’s green stripes are awesome.

Stumbled upon this while google-image searching quickly. Komugi pantsu. lol. Stripes are too wide though… Image originated here.

This image also made a reappearence. Those who are frequenters of may well recognise this image from his news items. It came from this post. If only a figure with striped pantsu like the girl second from the right has…. that would be awesome. Awesome to the max. I love the little logo on the back.

And lastly, I came across this image from SankakuComplex. In was in the google image search too. I recognised the sankaku-com site, but had never stopped to take a better look around to my memory. So thats what I did lol. Tis pretty cool looking. May investigate more soon. (Thanks to Panther for pointing out the spelling mistake. I knew it looked wrong!!)

Thats the end of the striped pantsu search for today. Me tired. And me have ep 22 of Denno Coil to watch before bed. And if your wondering, my gaming as come to a temporary holt… which sucks…because all my friends will be WAY ahead of my when I go back on Asda… :sob: I’m too lazy to even play games… how lame is that??!!

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11 Responses to “Search for Striped Pantsu”

  1. Persocom Says:

    What an interesting thought for collecting 😛 I do prefer striped to plain white any day of the week that’s for sure.

  2. Nomad Says:

    lol thats great! whenever i get a figure, I’m always excited to see what colour their pantsu are lol.

    good luck with getting seena, I’ve been finding it sooo hard to get figures of the Shining Wind x Tears girls! ;__; if you do find a place that sells them, let me know!

  3. Panther Says:

    Haha I am not into striped pantsu or even pantsu showing that much, though I do take the obligatory pantsu shot for figure shoots.

    And Denno Coil was one of the best anime of 2007.

  4. Panther Says:

    Oops, you can merge this comment with my previous. Forgot to point out you misspelt Sankaku.

  5. Coco the Bean Says:

    Striped ftw!
    On a related note, Hatsune Miku often has striped pantsu in fanworks, though on official merchandise they’re white. (I can’t believe I know that much about her undergarments. =_=)

  6. gordon Says:

    the Shii Arisugawa figure and Francesca Lucchini from strike witches wears striped pantsu as well. ^^;

  7. James Says:

    Striped pantsy powa ^^

    I only have Kallen but i’ll buy the future Max Factory’s Seena , as i prefer it than the Koto one 🙂

  8. Saku Says:

    Stripped pantsu do exists. My figures are all white ^^;;

  9. Blowfish Says:

    No striped pantsu for me so far… 😦
    Striped,Polka dots….im in for everthing except the boring old white

  10. Nessa Says:

    Glad you liked my pic of Komugi’s pantsu. :p hehe

  11. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Might as well add one more while I’m here, lol…
    Shigure Asa from Shuffle!

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