Serio HMX-13 Figure – Photo-Review

This is the third pvc figure I bought on tuesday. A character from the original To Heart series, Serio, or Serio HMX-13 being her full name. She stands at almost 20cm(8 inches). She’s sporting the same uniform as one of my favourite girls, Chie Yoshioka, from To Heart 2, and TH2AD. The colours are a bit different, but there is a considerable gap in time when the two figures were made. 2005 vs 2007, there will be some obvious difference. The older figures I have seem more basic in the facial department, but the clothing is still well sculpted, hair is usually a tad chunky though.

She’s also carrying a bag like Chie. Different kind of bag, and in a different pose, which is good, too much similarity is boring. The hair seems quite shiney in this pic, but the lighting makes it look worse than it is. It’s about the same as the Kotobukiya Konomi Yuzuhara from To Heart 2. Although theres only months in between the two figures being made, Konomi just seems superior in build, facially it looks better, the eyes are better and it’s just cute all round. This may be due to the character designs of To Heart looking significantly different to the character designs of To Heart 2 though.

The colours of the figure are fairly plain, but well painted, so it’s all good. Her skirt is gently wafting as if there were a light breeze, which is also nice, better than just a static figure any day. Even if the pose is static, just standing, wafting clothing can make a figure so much better. The paintwork stands up, even now, 3 years after its making, the only bit which is below par is the bag, would have been nice if they’d got that spot on too, since the clothing doesnt let it down. Some nice skin shading on the legs and nice shading on the clothes too. The yellow is alot brighter than Chie’s sweater, although the HLJ pic doesnt show it. Her pose is cute, and reserved, kinda shy, I didn’t have any shy-looking figures before this. And it’s intresting that every To Heart figure I own is holding a bag, even Tomoko Hoshino!! (I love the ribs on her sweater!! Bagged her a few expo’s back for just £6!!!) Once I get Multi and Akari it will ruin my bag-holding run, but thats fine lol, was a total fluke after all. And I can’t help but notice how the price of figures have risen in the past few years. 3400, 3800 yen these To Heart figures cost back in 2005 at time of release. And how we’re paying over 5000 yen for figures of the same standards in alot of cases? Seems weird….

Anyways, I’m moving into my uni accomodation tomorrow, I think I’ll get the net connected without much hassle, but we’ll have to see… I’ll try and set some articles to get published on a timer… I think you can do that… I’ll have a go anyways lol.

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4 Responses to “Serio HMX-13 Figure – Photo-Review”

  1. Nomad Says:

    oooh I really like her, especially holding the bag and her whole expression!

    Goodluck with moving to uni!

  2. Blowfish Says:

    She seems to be a robot when i look at her ears and her name…Am i correct?
    Those things on her head remind me alot of headphones. I ❤ Headphones

  3. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Hmmm, don’t have Serio (she didn’t seem to be a strong enough character in the anime), but I do have these central characters, lol. There’s a simple login to see the full photoshoot. ^_~

  4. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: I assume u mean Multi. But u restrained? For someone who wouldn’t mind getting *two* Himekuri Girls? Hehe. ^_~ [Crosslinked]

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