Busou Shinki – A kind of mecha Angelic Layer?

One of the first things I thought when I saw Busou Shinki’s quite a while back, was ‘those joints don’t look too great’. But After researching further into it when I was able to buy one, I found they’re meant to be like that. They’re from a series about battle dolls, like Angelic Layer! And better yet, theres an online game which you can play and unlock Busou’s with the codes you get with the figures! The games called Battle Rondo I believe, and gets new characters updated when new Busou are released. Which is a mucho cool feature if I must say so myself!

Like the sucker I am I fell for this franchise and was under its spell, and wanting more!!! I haven’t downloaded the game yet… will when at uni probably… The pic above came from wiki, tis all the Busou’s to date I think… there might be a couple missing… it looks like they’ve got progressively cuter as time went by, which I’m all for personally! Below you’ll find the opening for the first game released.

Love the op music actually, the rest ain’t too bad either, but you can go hunting for that if you’re so inclined too.

This is a sneak peak of my three newest Busou Shinki’s, MaoChao to the left, Arnval in the middle and Howling on the right. I’ll post more pics of them later on! Enjoy for now and go investigate for yourselves!!

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8 Responses to “Busou Shinki – A kind of mecha Angelic Layer?”

  1. Persocom Says:

    Ok I’m interested lol. Will be looking forward to more pictures.

  2. ClearTranquil Says:

    I like the Busou Shinki series. The first I bought was the Devil Strafe and soon after bought 5 others (including the Angel you have). I like them, but I think they’re too expensive and too hard to get for what they are. I’m putting a cap on them and sticking with what I’ve got.

  3. ClearTranquil Says:

    Wow, $16!? That’s ridiculous. I’d buy them if I could even find them for $30.

  4. Nomad Says:

    :O I loved angelic layer manga (just bought the boxset ^_^) and now I’m going to be obsessed with this lol! time to go look it up tehehe!

  5. Nomad Says:

    you officially have me obsessed, I’ve been looking at pictures, figures and reading as much as i can about it.. and I’ll probably press the buy button on one of the figures sometime this week lol!
    Can’t wait to see pictures of above figures ^_^ I’ve actually been looking for angel everywhere, but can only find a pre-order of her on Hobbysearch your lucky to get her ^_^

  6. suki Says:

    I’ve had my eye on them for a while, so I’m pretty excited to get my Shinki’s after I get paid ^^
    Nice choice, I’m considering MaoChao, Howling, Devil Starf and Wafflebunny.. since those are all that my local supplier has…

  7. BandAiD Says:

    Better be careful at Uni now, games will kill you!

  8. suki Says:

    Ah, been reading through your site quite a bit and loving what I see ^^
    Would you like to do a blogroll link exchange?

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