Uni Room Update + Shinki’s!!

I found my transferry-device!! And got the pictures off! :woot: This is my apartment, shortly after I’d moved in.

Posters and stuff on the bed, I was ‘decorating’ lol. The room has a slopey window, which is cool. I’m on the 5th floor. *Almost* top, because theres only one room above us…. The room looks messy, still moving stuff about, the box on the right of the desk-space is full of arty stuff, now stored in one of the draws.

The room is in fact bigger than my room at home, and its en-suite!! lol. Livin’ it up here I am. And Who’s that at the end of the corridoor?

Why its Hikari and Yoko of course!!! Two of the better Newtype USA centerfolds I aqquired. Was a bitch removing them with minimal damage. I got a Kanon centerfold above my bed. Not Makoto though…:sulks:

Theres a massive pinboard in the room, but I keep forgetting to pick up some pins in WHSmiths….gah…. the amount of freebies and leaflets you get I can fill a sizable chunk of it already lol.

Up untill last night, the girls were sitting on the table by my bed. But I decided to finally break out the box I had all the accessories in and have a little play. Strarf and Arnval are on the stands now, Arnval’s legs are so Strike Witches-esque. I love them!! I’ve grown more attached to MaoChao and Howling since I got them, I really only bought them because I didnt want to miss my only chance to get them at a decent price…

And good news!! For me at least lol. I’m gonna be able to play the Busou Shinki Battle Rondo MMO!!! I couldn’t download it here, kept timing out because it would take over 24 hours to download… it got to down to 16 hours one time… *sob* But Ashper is sending me the game! Since he could download it in 3 hours… :grump: 10mb speed is what I have now, and it’s been than the 6mb I had at home… but it still didn’t wanna download faster than like 12kb/s…. So unfair… but I’m getting it anyways!! And can’t wait to try it out!! I’ve got a decent guide, so I should be able to figure it out lol.

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9 Responses to “Uni Room Update + Shinki’s!!”

  1. GNdynames Says:

    I’m so jealous…since your room is bigger than mine and mine is a double room. On top of that, mine is messier than yours (well…my half anyway XD)

    btw, I’ve added you to my blogroll, could you add mine as well please?

    Reply- I can’t add you unless I have your site address I’m afraid.

  2. Blowfish Says:

    You are now offically the coolest cat i know! Just look at these awesome blankets!!!
    Your room looks nice and cozy ill hope youll have everything the way you want it soon

  3. Blowfish Says:

    Just noticed the TissueBox next to your bed…I thought thats exclusively for guys XD
    Vans Slipons are great so comfy.You shouldnt wear them to concerts though if you dont wanna end with bare feets
    Whats the red danger sign on your window saying?

  4. Its-A-Trap Says:

    Awesome lol my room is all plain and boring xD

  5. Coco the Bean Says:

    Having a laptop + TV + window all available in one seat is pretty rad.

  6. suki Says:

    D: I love your bed covers!
    Seemslike you’re all settled, nice to see that your Shinki’s are with you, they’re so cute ^^
    Arnval and Strarf are designed by Humikane Shimada, IIRC. So they’re pretty similar in design to the Strike Witches.
    Nice to read that you’ve gotten your hands on Battle Rondo, I hope to play as soon as my Shinki’s arrive.

  7. Nomad Says:

    Love your room! and your shinkis!! and they are similar to strike witches and sky girls in a way ^_^ because they were all created by the same guy. and i agree with suki, love the bed covers ^_^

  8. gordon Says:

    u can keep the television away. no use for it when u have the internet. ^^;

  9. James Says:

    Nice room , and you must have a nice view from here too 🙂

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