Busou Shinki – Up close and Personal

I have grown more and more attached to my Busou Shinki’s ever since I got them… more so even than my Figma Haruhi I think… which is strange… it might be because I’m not as scared to play with the Shinki’s, because they cost alot less than the Figma’s, and would be much cheaper to replace if broken. Figma’s just seem more delicate…. They’re definately better quality, but it might have to do with the fact I was so enticed by the Angelic Layer story when I first read it, like 5 years go…(wow…long ago….weird…) And stuff like Sky Girls and the slightly more recent Strike Witches might have been an influence too. I’m not really big on the mecha stuff… but I do love the character designs!!

(I don’t know why I didnt take any close ups of Devil Strarfs box… and I can’t now, it’s at home lol)

(More below belt)

Theres little figures come with soooo many accesories, so many pointy bits of plastic for small children to choke on or impale themselves onto. And for £8($15,1500yen), instead of the 3500 yen retail price, it’s an insanely good deal. But even 3500 yen is only £18, still reasonable for all that fun and cuteness!! I wish more were available… cause they’re so damn cute….and very posable, and have multiple hands just like Figma, but way more accessories than Figma. AND, Figma doesn’t have an MMO does it?? No… it doesn’t, I thought as much…. I can’t wait to finally have a play on Battle Rondo… hope to god it does work… I know people outside of Japan are playing, because there are guides in english available. But sometimes online games are only playable in certain countries… like Europe ain’t allowed to play Mabinogi yet….:sulk:

I want this one....

I want this one....

And I want this one...

And I want this one...

Although the one pictured above doesn’t come with a body, just the head and accessories to make her look all cute and pink! Since you can buy the bodies on their own it makes sense, but is annoying they make this uber-cute one an add-on kit only….

So very pretty she is…

There are quite fiddly though. Much to break… so far I haven’t though hehe.

Anyway… I have stuff to do now… starting real uni work tomorrow!!! A lecture, followed by a trip to the Aardman exhibit(company behind Wallace and Gromit, for those who didn’t know, and if you don’t know who Wallace and Gromit are, you should!! So google it!!) then life drawing 2-5, which is all well and good.

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One Response to “Busou Shinki – Up close and Personal”

  1. Blowfish Says:

    Wow youre going to visit the Company behind Wallace and Gromit?
    I loved the movie with the evil penguin^^

    You really got me interested in those Shinkis.Let me know if youre able to join the online game

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