Yesterday at a world market type thing, (Oct 02) I got to try Takoyaki, something I’d wanted to try since I was 14, after seeing it in the CardCaptor Sakura 2nd Movie specials, with Kero and Spinel.

Thankfully they didnt just have the octopus Takoyaki. They had chicken Takoyaki too!! Weird huh? But I wouldn’t have tried it if there wasn’t any chicken….because I’m not brave enough to try the octopus…

Lol, they look like profitterolls.

Buuuuuut it had onion in it… the rest of it was nice… but not the onion… I dislike onion alot….

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2 Responses to “Takoyaki!!!!!”

  1. meronpan Says:

    you don’t like onion? gambatte! onions are great! 😛

    takoyaki isn’t my favorite but strikes a nostalgic chord for me since i had some during my first visit (business trip) to japan.
    p.s. the frozen ones you can get at japanese supermarkets aren’t very good at all -_-

  2. suki Says:

    I’ve never eaten Takoyaki but, since I’m of Asian descent (Malaysian) I’ve eaten similar foods ^^;

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