New desk setup – Cramped much?

My brand-spanking-new computer arrived yesterday!! So many boxes… so much stuff to unpack… but its so worth it… I have Maya 2008(not sure if its unlimited or not…), and teh Adobe creative suite (3) and other bits and pieces!! So much free stuff!

It’s really jammy that I get all this stuff for free, it’s only because I’ve got a stomach condition(Chrons) and the worst case scenario means I have to stay at home and work from here. And I’m not complaining I get thousands of pounds worth of stuff for free lol, that would be mighty ungrateful right? My brothers so annoyed I’ve got all this stuff. He’s trying to get himself diagnosed with something so he gets free stuff too lol.

My desk is no even more cluttered than before… and there are soooooooooo many cables I’m a little worried frankly…

Anyways, that is all for now, I’m gonna go have a play with Maya and install some games, Viva Pinata, Sims 2, Black and White 2 etc. The new one will be primarily for work and high spec games only at the moment, since I don’t wanna infect my new machine with anything just yet… downloads will be down with this computer.

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10 Responses to “New desk setup – Cramped much?”

  1. gordon Says:

    the one on the right? why not get a widescreen LCD?

  2. Persocom Says:

    that does look pretty cramped O_O I suppose I have seen worse though.

  3. optic Says:

    Nice setup.
    Agree, kinda cramp. Not very ergonomic. ;S

  4. GNdynames Says:

    Not as cluttered as mine, I’ve got sin, cos, tan, arrows and numbers on every surface of my desk >.<

    btw, would you like to swap links? I’ve added you on my blogroll alraedy.

  5. meronpan Says:

    yum i always love new goodies. enjoy your new toys ^_^

    i’ve been plagued with a cluttered desk for years. no matter how much desk space i get, it’s always cramped with all my crap ^^;

  6. James Says:

    i Guess that you need more space now ^^

    i can only imagine how much cables you msut have everywhere ^^

    but it’s nice to get a new computer 🙂

  7. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: LOL, ah, but now the question is: Would u trade 1000s of pounds of free computer stuff for 1000s of pounds of FREE FIGURES? Hmmm… >_<

  8. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: LOL, I understand… um, I think, lol. But yeah, depends on the current situation. ^_^

    Well, I gave the “Clannad visual novel” link cuz there ISN’T a separate Wiki for the anime. Wait~ unless I give u the link to the list of episodes, but is that the same? True, it deserved 5 stars, but the out-of-tune opening singing ruined it for me and my pitch-sensitive ears. Plus I expected it to be as emotional as the incredible “Air” or “Kanon”, but it fell short. Luckily for me, “After Story” episode 1 was a great (baseball-as-life metaphorical) start towards an in-tune 5 stars, hehe. >_<


  9. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: P.S. Sorry, I misread your comment. I couldn’t find the anime OP as it truly appears in the anime, so I just used the game-version OP. Gets the idea across. >_<

  10. suki Says:

    Your desk still looks okay though, I’d agree that it is a bit full XD
    Yays~ for free stuffs, enjoy them! Hope that your health is good

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