Finally watching Code Geass…

(I just picked a cute Geass-related pic lol)

(I just picked a cute Geass-related pic lol)

After watching the first episode at tonights Anime Society meet, (watching it was my idea… since all these close minded fools just wanna watch endless repeats of Elfin Lied, Chobits and Hellsing….bah… I’m like… the most knowledgable/otaku of the lot!! I was hoping for a fellow otaku to talk to…) I felt compelled to watch more. So far its good, wondering what they’ll use/how they’ll bring CC back to life, cos CC is cute. (After watching some of Geass, I now have a legit reason to get Kallen/Karen, CC and Shirley-san figures! lol)

My oppinion of Lelouch or Lulu as I will be refering to him from now on, is not great so far… he seems a little crazed, a little power hungry…. I’m sure I’ll find out the reason for his partial insanity later on though. Better be good… cause all I can think is that he’s a grade A bitch lol. (And also, which is it, Kallen or Karen? I’ve seen Karen for the figures, and Kallen for the subs I’m watching.)

High res of pic used available here at Konchan.

Oh, and heres a taster of the (probably) next blog post.

Kawaii, desho?

Kawaii desho?

The updates have finally done downloading, and I was FINALLY able to start playing!! I added all the codes, thanks to the various guides, which I will mention in the main Shinki post when I post it lol.

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4 Responses to “Finally watching Code Geass…”

  1. Marshmallow Says:

    Wow, the online Shiki is adorable!

    As for Kallen’s name, it’s officially Kallen, but I prefer Karen, since it’s an actual name. [Or maybe Kallen is too, but I’ve never heard of it.]

  2. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: A-ha, welcome to the “Code Geass” club! Get set for an incredible two-season ride! P.S. Kallen seems to be the more-popular interpretation. >_<

  3. Coco the Bean Says:

    Lol, it’s the same with me. I’m only a few epsiodes in.
    The Shiki is so cute!!

  4. meronpan Says:

    i started code geass last week and just got through the first season last nite ^^;; definitely epic, although i can see how the violence and some characters may turn people off. personally, i continue to root for lulu as i start r2 tonite! 😀

    another terrible discovery because now i want all the geass figures i can find orz

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