Busou Shinki Battle Rondo

Right. Battle Rondo time. I was pleasently suprised by the graphics, I didnt think they’d be as cute moving about, but they are! And their voices are soooo cute! I wish I could understand more of what they say… Soon I will be able to though!!!

Isn’t the little recharge bed-thing cute?! It’s so Angelic Layer! I wish they were real…. That Shinki is your beginner Shinki, that I assume you all start out with.

The zoomy-in mode is pretty funky, really smooth movement, very cool. I don’t like the hair on this Shinki… too severe..

These are the equippable items you get when you start the game, I dunno if the black/purple goes with the dark grey….

This is a shot of the battle training simulation, tis turn based, there are 4 kinds of training, which I’ve forgotten for the mo… something like attack, defence, dodge and accuaracy… I’m probably slightly wrong…or very wrong lol.

This is my Angel Arnval Shinki which I named Yukihime, very cute name I think, means Snow Princess right?

You’ve seen this pic already, but she’s sooo cute! I need to build the other Shinki’s so I can take some screenshots, I’ve got quite alot of accessories since I input all four of the codes I had. Will have fun making them purdy. I haven’t got a hang of the battle system yet… not for the real battles anyways, since you can pick what kind of strategy you choose, the battles are turn-based, 10 turns. Will explain more. Ugly Betty on now. Back later.

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9 Responses to “Busou Shinki Battle Rondo”

  1. chun Says:

    awww yukihime is very cute indeed! hehe

  2. Nomad Says:

    I was really surprised with the graphics also! and their voices are really kawaii! have you been reading the guides on the battles? its a bit difficult to start off with but so fun!

  3. Blowfish Says:

    Care to write somthing like a Tutorial on how to get this thing working?Im really tempted to try it myself even tough i dont own any shinki yet

  4. suneo Says:

    Ya I want to try this out now too haha
    Is battling online the only option to level up and stuff? I tend to back away from online games cuz I always get my ass whooped, and constantly losing is not so fun -_- lol

  5. Blowfish Says:

    Great to know that youll do one in the future!
    Ive got a question…I just browsed HLJ for Shinkis and some have ridiculous high prices like 30 Euro while others cost around 20 Euro.Whats the difference? I expect them to be the size of Figmas/Revoltechs

  6. Blowfish Says:

    Thanks for the Info!
    Right now these tickle my fancy:


    Id love to get this one aswell but it wont make it to Germany due to certain Symbols ^^;;


    I still think of them rather expensive but if i remember right you mentioned them to be cheaper than figmas???

    Where are you ordering yours?

  7. suki Says:

    Great to read that you got it working! (b^o^)7
    I’m still um, ‘getting’ mine… since it’s quite a big size and all >__>
    It’s quite amusing to read what they can call you ‘Master’, ‘Ojou-sama’, ‘Onii-san’, ‘Onee-sama’ XD

  8. Philthylizard Says:

    Im Infected To my real life Brother Blowfisch and i want to Thank you This Free game is really fun But there is an bad Thing !! When you Get Class B you have no chance of winning will you get yourself an Shinki (Thats what my aniki and i planing but Shhh…..)

  9. steel Says:

    where can i get this game must play at once

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