Clayz 1/8th Nogizaka Haruka figure – It’s out finally!!!

This is what the figure looked like in preview shots.

This is what the figure looked like in preview shots.

She looked gorgeous in the pics released earlier this year.

And this is what she’s turned out like, after a little delay in release. After assessing the differences, colour and what not, she still looks gorgeous! I think I prefered the hair of the preview shots, and the eyes aren’t the same sort of watercolour-style, but still pretty. And she’s retained the Haruka-ness too.

The actual detail of the eye looks pretty lame. But bigger than real size close up pics usually make stuff look worse than it is. (I hope thats the case with Haruka-chan….)

Having this figure really is more about the character than the quality of the figure. But even so, she still looks ok compared to the preview shots. And its the bikini from the op! The bikini from the really cute pose in the op!!

I spose in the original artwork her hair is brighter than the hair in the anime… but I got used to the anime colour hair lol. And the (optical) eyes do look better when they’re the right size, in smaller pics I mean. She’s not going to be very big is she? Kneeling and Haruka is meant to be pretty small anyways.

The high angle makes her look even cuter….. Hauuuuu!!! I want her NOW!!! The sculpt of the hair looks good, although I think I can spy some mould lines… but I don’t mind them as much as some people do. If the shading is like that on all the figures, then she will be very pretty, and so worth the…£41 or so($80 roundabout)….I am paying!!(£36 + £5 or so shipping.) I’ve been waiting AGES for her to finally be released!! My preorder should come in the next couple of weeks or so if I’m lucky!!! Depends when Up1 will get theres in.

(All images were taken from here, the HobbySearch page.)

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2 Responses to “Clayz 1/8th Nogizaka Haruka figure – It’s out finally!!!”

  1. M12 Says:

    Zomfg give me that figurine now XD! Haruka is my saimoe pick from the last anime season :3… Yes, ‘Hau’ indeed!

  2. gordon Says:

    smexy. nice eyes. (‘~’)

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