London Expo – TOMORROW!!!

Thats right!! The wait is almost over!!!! But that does mean I won’t be able to post anything untill sunday evening.

It’s gonna be sooooo awesome!! I hope theres some cool cosplay!!! Like Hatsune Miku! Theres gotta be a Miku going….. I am gonna take many-many pictures. Hopefully I’ll get some of the Heroes panel, and the Primeval panel, and Merlin etc. Will be soooo awesome!! AND Gaiaonline will be there!!! I hope they’ll have the merchendise there!! Will save ordering online lol.

:is just finishing watching Clannad AS ep 4 and eating pizza:

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3 Responses to “London Expo – TOMORROW!!!”

  1. gordon Says:

    looking forward to your coverage. me go watch Clannad AS ep 4 too. ^^;

  2. optic Says:

    Looking forward to ur coverage and ur loot post as well. ^^

  3. samanosuke Says:

    Hey Meimi, so you actually went on both days? Which one did you prefer? I’ve always been to the Saturday one as there seems to be more event that day, AND I wouldn’t want to miss out on all the figure bargains! ^^

    Oh, and did you go to the cosplay ball?

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