London Expo Weekend – Figures + Cosplay + More!

Expo has now come and gone. And so has over £250 of my money. But all to a very good cause!! Which you will see later on.

This is the first time I’ve been to both days of the Expo. Usually I just got for the sunday, cheaper travel and alot less people. I didnt realise just how many less people went on a sunday… Saturday was so busy….. too busy…. So busy I’m almost definately never going on saturday again…. We got to the Excel Center a little later than we wanted… because one of our group got lost.(They weren’t travelling with us to begin with, we met up at the hostel we stayed at.) So… we got there just before they should have stopped selling fast track tickets… but they’d stopped early…. so we had to join the MASSIVE normal entry queue….. which we were stuck in for just over an hour I think… might have been more… I can’t remember well… have blocked it from my mind….

After we got in the queue people continued to turn up… it was insane… And we didnt start moving properly for AGES…. it was so boring…

Getting closer… round the corner of the building lol

Finally…. So nearly there…. Along the way I did get some shots of random cosplay though. Not all bad being stuck in the queue.

Name that Twilight Princess character…. since I’ve forgotten her name… lol It’s a really awesome outfit though. Great headpiece.

Name that cosplay! I think they’re from Final Fantasy….12?

I was told its from Naruto… And I was told the name…. But I’ve forgotten. Anything Naruto goes in one ear and out the other…. Name that orange dog? There was much cool cosplay. Which I will do a whole other post for. Since I got so many pics, putting them all in one would be cruel lol.

I’m sorry for the fuzziness…. this was literally right after I got in on the saturday. So there were people behind me still coming in…. Couldn’t stay still for a decent shot… But you can see the scale from this. Theres more on the right and left too. So much more….

The Audition online dance game bus. Which was there last May too. And October 07 too I thinks… Have tried the game, got bored though lol. Cute design though.

There was a Yaoi stall…. a whole stall devoted just to Yaoi… :shudder: The Hentai stall was right next to it. Same people I think, from America. They were selling Yaoi, Yuri and Seme paddles. But for £35 each…. Otherwise I might have got a Yuri one just for lolz hehe. I did check out the hentai stall. Couldn’t resist. They had To Heart 2 Another Days!!! But it was £60….. More than I was willing to fork out…. £45 and I woulda bought it… I also checked through the doujinshi on sunday to see what To Heart 2 stuff they had. They did have some, some cute, some too graphic. But all WAY too expensive. The cheapest they had was £8!! And one of the really pretty full colour To Heart 2 Doujin’s was £18!!! For a tiny thin book!!! It’s insanely overpriced!! £5 or so and I would have got one just to say I owned some lol.

As I said… lighting was bad…. and this was taken on the saturday. If you look, and know the box, you can see To Heart 2 Another Days!!! :sob: I want it…

A figure stall…

Part of the TokyoToys stall, the figure part. There was another part with accesories, wallscrolls, pocky etc.

The view from where I planted myself after the big figure run. My priority is to get round the figure stalls. Make my choices, then on my final lap round the stalls I get the ones I want. Although if ones I really-really-really want appear, like Fumie, I will buy straight away.

I ended up spending £125 on the Forbidden Planet stall alone… which is insane… but they did have Fuko, and 3 To Heart 2 figures I wanted…. plus a Da Capo 2 figure that I’ve had my eye on for a while. There was so much I could and would have loved to buy… but I restricted myself to buying figures only on saturday. I let myself go on sunday, but didnt buy much anyway, spent most of my money on the saturday. But it was so worth it… Really and truly worth it.

There was so much awesome cosplay. But saturday is way to busy to get any decent photos. I took most of mine on sunday. A little while after I made my camp, friends joined me, I’d texted them to tell them which extrance I was in. (There are many-many massive rooms in the Excel center, used for conventions and shows and such. I was sitting in one of the entrances of one of the unused rooms, N2 to be exact.) I was there with 10 other people. Bigger group that originally planned, more trouble getting around on the underground lol. While sitting around at the expo I saw much cosplay wonder past. And eventually, friends of my friends joined us, and I got to play an awesome game called Zombies. It was awesome, and I won!!! :woot: I caught on quickly hehe.

 A Mikuru doing the same thing as me. Surveying her loot. A blonde Mikuru though… I got a better pic of a Mikuru on the sunday though.

So. After expo, it was just the treck back to the hostel. Which was….fun….:cough: All those bags were a faff to carry… But it was worth it.

Loot from first day. I wasn’t planning on buying loads on sunday. It was mostly for taking photo’s. I did get some stuff though. Didn’t spend much, very good thing lol. I was mega-chuffed with my purchase of a complete, unopened box of 36 Monster Rancher card booster packs for just £5!!! If I was clever, I would have bought two, and sold one lot on ebay for more. Since there was £60 worth of cards in that box. And I’ve seen the boosters going for 99p on ebay. But I’d prefer to keep ’em. I do love Monster Rancher.

Here are a couple of my fave cosplay pics from sunday and the rest of my loot.

Misuzu Kamio!!! I saw some other eroge characters there too. But wasn’t fast enough to catch them. (This ones actually from the saturday… just before we were leaving lol.)

How cool is that combination? Indie, Jack(*cough*MACGYVER!!*cough*) and a mini Batman lol. Isn’t it weird how Batman is shorter than the other two? I always thought Batman should be tall. Like properly tall, 6 foot 2+.

My other loot. And the Expo guide. There you see, the box of Monster Rancher cards for £5, a mini Disgaea 2 artbook I got for £2, a pair of Disgaea slip cases for 50p.(Something that cute and that dirt cheap I’m not gonna say no too lol.) The Orihime hairpins from Bleach for £7. So very cute!! And a poster for £2. Of which….well, you’ll have to wait and find out.

Right… thats it for now… I’ve got work to do… I might post more later on tonight. Since I can have an epic lie-in tomorrow lol.

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16 Responses to “London Expo Weekend – Figures + Cosplay + More!”

  1. necrophadian Says:

    haha what a short Batman. put on some combat fatigues and grap an FN-P90 and you can call yourself Stargate cosplay.

  2. kli Says:

    I do believe the picture with the armor cosplay that you thought was FF12 is from the Chronicles of Riddick movie, they dressed as necromonger soldiers

  3. optic Says:

    The twilight character is Midna. I like her but I hate her bitchiness. >_<
    Nice loot ur got there. I’m quite curious about the top figure. ^^
    Did u cosplay by any chance?

  4. SG Says:

    Audition bus is still there o_O

    Looks like it is better than the previous Expo in May.

    Batman that short? He might be taller than me… making Indie and the other guy taller than many people O_O!

  5. Panther Says:

    Lol @ ze Batman.

    Also those are not FF12 cosplayers, but for the life of me, though they look awfully familiar, I cannot remember where they come from.

  6. Coco the Bean Says:

    I’m pretty sure the people at the Yaoi booth are the same ones from the states; that flag is a dead giveaway. Were they shouting “Fresh yaoi, piping hot!” as well? xD

  7. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Haha, nice! I think your new Edelweiss Fumie (FTW!) might actually be taller than that Batman~ uh, I mean, Bathobbit, lol. ^A^

  8. ClearTranquil Says:

    OH – MY – GOSH. As soon as I saw that “Yaoi” flag I wondered…”Are those the guys from the North American cons?” and you confirmed I was right.

    That’s amazing. Those guys are at all the conventions I go to (Anime Evolution and Sakura-con for example) and to find out they travel that far to peddle their wares is amazing. I bought a VOCALOID doujin from them (a non H one)…among other things.

  9. Ashper Says:

    Looks amazing…… must resist being jealous……

    The orange “dog” is called Kyūbi, its actually a Nine-Tailed Demon Fox and Kli is spot on with the Necromonger soldiers. Lol at the tiny batman, he should so have gone as Daniel Jackson to complete the pair with Jack ( not Macgyver 😛 ).

    Can’t wait for the cosplay pics now :D.

  10. suki Says:

    Wow, you seemed ot have had a fun time! ^-^
    The loot you’ve gotten is pretty awesome indeed. I spy a few Shining Wind figures there, lovely Mao fig ;_;
    The Mikuru cosplayer is pretty cute with her blonde hair, a Patty-Mikuru combination, perhaps?
    Lolols, I expected that the yaoi panel had to be from America XD

  11. acesan Says:

    Blonde Mikuru checking loot was moe 😛

  12. Blowfish Says:

    I hope youll unbox your girls soon^^
    That Batman looks soooo funny.Its like they cut him took away a piece and put hiom back together.I like the Midna Cosplay aswell

    Zombies is an awesome game but only makes sense if you play with more than 3 people.Youll just end up killing each other without advancing any further otherwise

  13. gordon Says:

    was there a haruhi around? all convention must have a haruhi. ^^;

    and lol @ chibi batman.

  14. LadySpuds Says:

    I’m the midna and thank you.
    My awkward smile is ’cause I was freezing (as you can imagine in spandex)

  15. Kyo Says:

    not FF12 cosplayers, they are from the movie, The Chronicles of Riddick, they are Necromonger Soldier!

  16. Kyo Says:

    on the same picture and same movie, the bronze one look like to be Lord Marshal.

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