Figma Kagami Hiiragi = GET!

Today my Figma Kagami arrived! She was only shipped yesterday! :woot for quick delivery!: I’ve been looking forward to getting Kagami for AGES! (Gotta love the twintails right? lol) This is only my second figma. Haruhi being my first(you’ll see her here too lol). The figma I’m REALLY looking forward too, and preordered, was Tsuruya-san!!! The green-haired beauty!!! She’s been shipped, now all I gotta do is wait…

And so! On to todays loot!

Haruhi has discovered a package....

Haruhi has discovered a package....


Haruhi wants to get her mitts on the contents... much like me...

I love thats its still in the thin white paper, fresh from the warehouse right? lol

I love thats its still in the thin white paper, fresh from the warehouse right? lol

Very tight fit, had to shake the box to get the actual box out of the box lol. (And as yoy may have noticed, new duvet!! All pink n blue and girly this time lol.)







I don’t know why exactly, but I’m much prefering Kagami to Haruhi. It might be because Kagami doesnt have a gammy-leg…but I think I prefer the hair this way. Easier to move the head. And its fun to move the twintails hehe.

Jumping together! So sweet!!

Jumping together! So sweet!!



Is she not the sweetest widdle thing? Back or front, she has charm, character. It might be the stubby figures, Haruhi’s got more delicate hands, more scared of breaking them. BUT! I have a few quibbles with Kagami(and probably the other Lucky Star Figmas.) which I will go through later…


The quality of the figure itself is great. The white-stripes on the uniform skirt could be a tad better, but its only an issue if you’re looking uber-closely. The seems are somewhat visible on her arms and legs. But since this isn’t really a display figure, and more of a fun made-to-be-played-with figure, so I don’t mind. Others more anal than I might care though lol.




You can see a bit of seam on her right arm. See? Right….there. :points: I care not. And it might not be the same with all the Kagami’s. Hows the seam on you Kagami’s arms/legs?


I love how they got the eyes so right. They got the eyes right on the Lucky Star puchi-Nendo’s too. I love how the actual figure feels too.


Isn’t she so moe just sitting like that??? It’s a shame she don’t bend as much as Busou Shinki can. But they’re not wearing skirts lol.


A comparison of the Figma Kagami and the Puchi Nendo Kagami. The Nendo has more of a feisty look, but the Figma is more moe, its got a smaller mouth, not smiling, questioning maybe? Looks a bit ditzy. Not very Kagami-like if I remember correctly. (I haven’t seen all of Lucky Star though, never felt the compulsion lol, might do now I have my new Kagami.) I love that Kagami won this years Saimoe contest too lol.

Another of my little quibbles…. the hands… the hands are such a bitch to change!!! Getting them in more than getting them out… Then again… I had to used my teeth to get one hand out…. Hopefully it won’t be as hard to change them next time. And the extra face doesn’t fit as easily as the normal face. But I rarely change the faces on my figures anyways. I think I changed the face on my Haruhi once lol…..

Kagami is investigating the sordid rumour she's heard.

Kagami is investigating the sordid rumour she

Isn’t Fumie gorgeous too? More photos of her to be shown later. (Including an upskirt for those who haven’t seen up there before lol)

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8 Responses to “Figma Kagami Hiiragi = GET!”

  1. aquilla429 Says:

    Nice get. I need to ask though, where on earth did you buy her in order for her to be delivered the next day? That’s super great.

  2. optic Says:

    “I had to used my teeth to get one hand out…. ”
    Did I just read this properly? 0_0

    I would recommend not in the future as it’s a sign of a figma disaster. I haven’t gotten time to take her out of the box yet to let u know about the seam. Will let u know when i do. :3

  3. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: LOLZ at your last photo! Hehe, Figmas in my new post too. But here’s a Fumie question: Was the plastic wrap up her skirt and around her upper thighs a bloody pain to unwrap? I was afraid I’d never pull it all out, lol. >_<

  4. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: LOL, yeah, sadly, I’m being serious. Just couldn’t sustain it after 90+ figures, in both cash and passion. Especially when my Amazon wish list includes a Panasonic 50-inch HDTV, a SONY Cybershot, another Philips DivX player, an external USB drive, etc… So I had to make a tough choice~ Frozen characters of anime memories which only collect dust OR hi-rez electronics which spark with life? Yup, electronics, lol… Hmm, maybe someday after my electronics phase fades too, I’ll revisit the figures. >_<

    As for Fumie, I had to open up her box to remember (pun wasn’t intended, lol). But no, I guess I wasn’t really surprised with her vulnerable “upskirt situation”. Since “Edelweiss” is an eroge, after all. In fact, wanna peek? Check out the four buttons at the bottom of the official homepage. Some revealing imagery, hehe. ^_^;

  5. aquilla429 Says:

    Thanks for the you know what.

    As for your question, I live right down south, near Portsmouth. I’ve been into anime for sooo long I only roughly remember how it all began XD I too have never found any girls who are seriously into anime either.

    I say seriously because ‘OMG I love Naruto, Sauske is sooooo kewl’ just doesn’t count in my opinion XD

  6. suki Says:

    Lovely review! THough I’m still a bit uncertain as to whether I’d liek to buy her or not.. I’m such a bad Tsundere-fan XD
    Lolols, at the last pic >.<

  7. Marshmallow Says:

    I’ve had to use my teeth to get figma hands out too… ^^;; but at least it’s better than having them always fall out. Kagamin figma has such a cute face though!

  8. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: True, hehe, but a *good* problem to have… So that guy who *supposedly* played the eroge, I remember that too~ Was it Bandaid? In any case, Fumie’s unique *vulnerability* is like surprise icing on the cake, lol.

    P.S. But I should add, with my Morte the Death Bringer, when u slide off her transparent thong-pantsu, her *vulnerability* is even-more finely detailed than Fumie’s! @_@;

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