Fruit bowl in Maya 2008 (My 132nd post!!!)

Our task this week(on my animation course, if you didnt know lol) was to colour/render a premade fruitbowl, and try to get it looking as realistic as possible. Here be mine;



We were given most of the skins we needed(we didnt get the grape or lime, though it wasn’t specified what the limes were, coulda been plums, but making it look fuzzy turned out to be too tricky atm…), it was more about lighting it right, and making the shine on the items of fruit and stuff look alright.  Yes the leaves and stalks and stuff look naff, but thats not what I was concentrating on…. I wanted to get the grapes in particular looking good. And I never realised how much the actual lighting makes a difference. They looked naff before adding the spot lights n stuff.


A top view of the fruit bowl. It’s more a plate really lol. We had a choice of like 4 plate designs, 2 japanese, one plane metallic, and one other blue patterned affair. Of course I went for the gaudiest of the bunch. I did this pretty much a week ago now… Just had to touch it up a bit today… I kept forgetting to transfer it to my laptop so I could post it on facebook…. I keep forgetting… I did that for the spaceship and the animal too…

Anyways. Thats my fruit bowl. I’ve got loads of work to do this week…. way too much…. flipbooks of feathers falling, anvills falling, walking, a street or room to render…… oh the workload…. but I must do it!!! For the good of mankind! And my career!!! lol

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7 Responses to “Fruit bowl in Maya 2008 (My 132nd post!!!)”

  1. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Wow, nice! Although that one apple leaf seems outta place, lol. ^_^;

    Hey, got a technical question: What are the hardware specs you’re using to achieve this? And while we’re at it, software specs too?

  2. xJAYMANx Says:

    P.S. Where did you get that “Possibly related posts” thingamajig? WP plugin I can add too? ^A^

  3. Coco the Bean Says:

    Nice job with the rendering! ^^
    Wow, 132 posts already! Time sure flies by fast.

  4. Blowfish Says:

    Nice work! Its definately an improvement over your temples you showed us the last time

  5. suki Says:

    Wow, you’re really with each piece! Great work ^-^
    132 posts.. time sure flew by >.<

  6. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Nah, just delete the leaf, lol. Yeah, exactly, the technical specs… Bloody hell, that huge 4GB RAM is probably the nicest boost to performance. Actually, I was also thinking of getting an iMac (yeah, more electronics, lol) by the end of the year, but might have to financially wait a bit with my puny 3-yr-old 1GB-RAM 1.7GHz-CPU laptop, lol.

    Wow, holy crap, I just googled and installed Microkid’s “Possibly Related Posts”. That is one wicked-sweet plugin, lol. Just added 3 to my last (same old) post.

    But speaking of cool features, u should get yourself a Gravatar. Basically, u go to, sign up, upload your icon-avatar, and it’ll appear on all blog comments which implement it, like mine. So u won’t get stuck with my default Toybox icon, hehe. ^_^

  7. aquilla Says:

    Wow amazing, it does look very realistic (apart from the leaf, which you already mentioned) I could never do that, I’ve got a really bad sense of colour and shading.

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