Sailor Moon – Moon Rod

Today, I was just looking round the market, and I came across some Sailor Moon dolls(looked mighty freaky they did…)but they also had the Moon Rod. It was only £4 and I’ve always wanted a replica magic wand from an anime. I’d love a CCSakura one, but the rods on those are shorter than in the manga/anime.


The wand itself is about 14.5 inches(36cm) And feels fairly hefty even without batteries. It makes three noises, which are all very annoying. I wish you could just make it flash without the noise.


Closer up shot of the detail on the wand. It’s purdy!!! I wike it!! I just wanna wave it around like Nagi in Kannagi lol.

Havin this just makes me want a CCSakura wand more…..Hauuuuuu

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10 Responses to “Sailor Moon – Moon Rod”

  1. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: First, towers. Now, rods and wands. I know there’s a {wink wink, nudge nudge} joke in there waiting to pop out, but I’ll refrain, haha… Oh yeah, I saw your Gravatar. Nice. Actually I’ve seen her before. So how’d u lose it at all? Different email? And about your one-year-old laptop specs, were u trying to poke fun or cheer me up? LOL >_<

  2. Blowfish Says:

    Are we going to see any transformation scenes in the near future?^_^

  3. suki Says:

    I’m going to agree with Blowfish on the transformation, lolols XD
    Will we hear a “Charm up, Mei.. Mi Dream!” soon?

  4. gordon Says:

    oh be careful with the wand, u don’t wanna accidentally turn people into frogs right?

  5. GNdynames Says:

    Gotta agree with Gordon. Hope you master that thing ^_^

  6. xjaymanx Says:

    @M132: Ahh, caps-sensitivity, gotta hate that, lol. And give praise to Monty Python for their nudge-nudge genius, lol. Umm, not necessarily depressing; my guess is I paid *twice* as much for my laptop specs back then. So don’t fret. T_T;

    P.S. Yeah, did some CommentLuv checking on Google and my ancient account. Looks like it’s only available for, not So far. Why? Pretty nice, eh? Hehe, got the idea from Koshiko@Furudango… Ahh, and if you’ve noticed, I’ve also installed follow-up email notifications so I don’t have to check my RSS-comments-feeds on Google Reader (or in your special case, to comment on respective blogs). Niiiiice. >_<

  7. aquilla Says:

    Thats so cool, I want one.

    Are you any good at resisting the urge to make cheesy incantations with it?

  8. chun Says:

    Ah I can’t wait to see you cosplaying + holding the wand! 😛

  9. Saku Says:

    That’s so cool. I would want CC Sakura one for collection ^^

  10. Chiisai Says:

    Omg you are soooooo lucky. I’ve wanted one of those for ages and they don’t sell them anymore where I live.

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