Towering Inferno of Figures

Because space is becoming a major issue in my uni room, I decided I would try to pile all the figure boxes to the ceiling.


Only 8 boxes are visible.(Unless you count the two not in the pile two, then its 10.) There are two more below Fumies box. (Kousaka’s and Mio-chan’s) Plus there are most piled round the bottom one. Cos there were too many to pile up to the ceiling…. very sad… I spose I could makea seconday tower lol.

Either way. Tis my Towering Inferno of Figures lol. I love how the last little box at the top fits snuggly in between the box below and the ceiling hehehe. I need to make a new list of my figures…. see what the expenditure is now…. I will compile that today me thinks. Today is the first day I’d had to laze about the place without having deadlines to work to….. Although I got an essay in for 27th….next week…. and then week 10(its week 8 now) I gotta hand in more stuff…. Gah…. Essays are mega-easy though. It’s what we had to all through High and 6th Form after all…

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