20,000 Hits!! Thank jooooooo!!

20,080 hits! I just checked! Another Milestone! Mucho thankies to all those who have visited over the past (nearly) 5 months. And now some girls from my favourite series.




(All the images are the highest res available. Found at Konachan, Moe Imouto or, as for the Fumie Edleweiss one, I got it from the official game site.)

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5 Responses to “20,000 Hits!! Thank jooooooo!!”

  1. Blowfish Says:

    Congratulations to your milestone! ^_^
    Wheres the cake?

  2. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: What? Official Edelweiss game site? Where? How’d you find it? LOL >_<

    P.S. Congrats! Images definitely help! The more numerous the images, the more numerous the hits… Yeah, where’s that cake?

  3. Panther Says:

    Congrats Meimi. Keep ’em coming.

  4. aquilla Says:

    Wow congratulations Meimi. I wish you many more happy views.

  5. suki Says:

    Congratulations! Please continue to keep us happy with your posts m(_ _)m

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