Kotobukiya Tamaki Kousaka Maid ver. 1/8th PVC figure – The every-otaku review.

(See what I did? Like ‘every-man’ only I made it ‘every-otaku’ because we’re otaku lol. And by ‘every-otaku’ I mean those of us who don’t have uber-awesome camera’s and a wicked photoshoot set up lol. The basic, no-holes-barred view of the figure. No fancy lighting….:sob:)

Today I’ll be looking at the 1/8th Maid version Tamaki Kousaka figure by Kotobukiya. I have 6 more reviews to post after this one lol. I had a mass photoshoot a couple of days ago lol.


First off, she is a mighty fine figure. She looks great. Has a great figure, great paint job, great hair, great everything. Even the chair is awesome. The so-called wood at the front of the chair could be better. But frankly your not gonna notice that if your looking at this figure.


She has great pegs. And such lovely feet! (Which you will see a bit later.) And stockings!! Gotta love the stockings, or knee socks, anything like that is awesome on a figure.


Her legs look so great… and they got shape! So pretty. AND I just noticed, painted finger nails! Pink!



Her hair looks great too. I don’t have too many figures with long hair, majority have shorter hair. And Tamaki has twintails too. I love hair that has some gradient in it too. Tamaki is one of those. The seemlines arn’t too visible either. Only once I spotted quickly is at the top of the left twintail. Other than that, its the only seem I can spot on the hair actually…. really good. Some of the more obvious joints are probably hidden by the maid headband. Theres a seam on the left leg, but its more visible on the stocking itself, so it might be on purpose.


Even the one seem I spotted easily is pretty small, so unless your looking for it, you won’t see. The brown and white/cream maid outfit isn’t one I’ve noticed before. But it looks great on Tamaki, which her dark red hair and the dark red chair. It gives a nice edwardian feel.(I think) Loving the bows on her sleeves and choker too.



Now you see that little mark just under her pantsu line on her right leg…

buttThat my friends is paint from the chair. I noticed that, because of the grooves in the chair that her butt, legs and arms fit into, the skin is directly touching the chair. And no part more so than the tushie. One day I took her out the chair, and heard a noise… can’t recall what the noise was now, but either way, I checked her booty and saw that. A little spot of paint which transferred. Annoying yes. The end of the world? No. By no means the worst thing to happen. But it did prompt me to do some damage control and remedy this issue right away.


As you can see, I placed a little piece of tissue I tore off into the groove her posterior sits in. Which is placed so you cannot see it when on display. Unless you actually look very-very closely under her.


Now the face is the only thing I have any really issue with is the face. It just looks a tad….weird… I’m not sure if its the mouth or not…. but the eyes are fine. Just like the rest of my Kotobukiya To Heart 2 figures. All mighty fine. If I stare at her face for a prolonged amount of time, I find myself not having issue with the face. Her expression just seems a tad plain for a piece of totty like Tamaki. This is one time when I will actually say she needs more suggestion lol.

Anyways. Top notch figure from Kotobukiya. Yes she is cast off. I just couldn’t be faffed with taking the skirt off when I was taking pictures. I did with 3 of the 5 others though. (2 of them weren’t cast off anyways.) Its depressing to think no one was buying her at the London Expo. She was £25 on saturday and £20 on the sunday. I didn’t mind forking out the extra £5, because she’s a great figure. Worth £25 definately. Shes selling on play.com for £35, so I feel happy to get £10 saving lol. (All the money in the world is wonky atm, I think its £20=$35 or something near that right now… might have changed again….) Thats all for now. I’m going to watch Easy Virtue at 4. I feel I need some different male eye candy. Colin Firth and Ben Barnes will do fine. Was just watching John Cusack in ‘Runaway Jury’ while I wrote this lol.

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2 Responses to “Kotobukiya Tamaki Kousaka Maid ver. 1/8th PVC figure – The every-otaku review.”

  1. Blowfish Says:

    Thats a really interesting pose!
    I havent seen that one before.And for the brown mark on her butt…other things come to mind XD

  2. suki Says:

    Oh~ She’s pretty ^^
    As for the mark, no comment… ^^;
    You’re increasing your collection every time I check XD

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