Memorabilia – Midlands Expo Sunday Nov 23rd

Now….. bad news… I forgot my camera…. didnt realise before I was on the train… just as it was about to leave…. you don’t now how gutted I was… I could have got a pic of the Fonz… of Gareth David Lloyd…. :sob: I wish I brought it….. damn…. nevermind though. My camera is pretty awful anyways. I have the memories, they are good enough for me. Not for you lot obviously. But theres videos and pics on the official site I’m sure. Content-wise, Memorabilia is much-much more varied than Expo. More actual scifi and comics rather than raging Naruto fans. And its on a larger scale. Bigger venue. And food INSIDE the venue too! Hot food and hot drinks and snacks and everything! You need never leave! (Unless you need to find a cash machine :cough: which I did…. and had to wait in line AGES for the only available one in the NEC….(for some reason the rest of the cash machines were out of order… grrrrrr). After I had been to the cash machine I went to get some lunch. I needed sugar and stodgy foods. So I went to a Free House/Bar/Cafe thing that was inside the NEC complex. Had coke and a cheese and ham panini. Was good. £6.60 total I think… pretty good considering they could have hiked the price alot due to its locale. Also got some snackage for inside, when I returned into the convention. (I went to get money for a Mecha-Musume mini figure, cos I only had £5 and she was £7.) The NEC complex is a BIG place, 20 showrooms, big rooms. There were two other shows on while I was there. The Golf Show(LOL) and the Christmas Festive Gift Fair….. I was so tempted to go in and be showered by the jollity. But I restrained myself from spending more….

I did get photos of my loot though. A fine loot for the limited cash I brought…. it was soooo tempting not to have got out more than I did….. No Hatsune Miku Figma though… :sulks: I did however, pick up another figure I’ve been pining over for a while now… Silfa from ToHeart2 Another Days! I’m soooooo glad I got her! And for only £20!! And I got the To Heart Akari figure which I regretted not buying in Norwich for the same price! £10!



 I also got two more of the GoodSmile VIP trading figures. I had MaRyan from the London Expo. Today I got Komaki and Akari(Two Akari’s! lol. The Komaki Sisters! lol).



As I mentioned before, I got a mini Mecha Musume gal, (Pic if you read on)



 and a Chie/Ciel from Higurashi. The SRDX figures. BUT! As I was changing her arm, the uber bendy plastic, bent too much, and broke the joint off in the arm hole… I bluetacked it to her side, and it’s staying, but it means I can’t display her in her undies like I was gonna… since the dress looks bulky…(I got her for £5… kinda regretting it….:sulk:) I also got a Domo-kun pencil case which I wuv to bits. Bought for £8.


And a Totoro Purse. For £5. So cute. I love coin purses. I don’t use wallets… tis weird… lol


I got a pair of adourable Wonfes 2005 limited edition figures,(Apparantly the official Wonfes Mascots of 05, which is again, pretty darn cool) which I have to paint myself(not pretty darn cool…), which come with different outfits, silicon I think, to slip over the main body. I got them for £5. Which I thought was a bargain for Wonfes limited stuff. Even if I do have to attempt to paint them myself(if I’m brave enough… I will have to ask for help with the paints, cos I don’t know which to use….:sob:)




BUT! My first and maybe best purchase of the day was the uber-awesome, uber-big, Haruhi Suzumiya wallscroll! For just £15!!!!!


So. Thats pretty much it for my Memorabilia shenanigans. Would I go again? Hell yes. Would I remember my camera if I went again? Hell yes! When the train ticket is only £5.80, and the ticket to get in is only £10, and it is a convention, I have no excuse not to go. Might I bring other people along? I think I might. But sometimes I like convention going alone. You don’t have other people to slow you down that way. And I move quick. You gotsa if you wanna stay alive, and not have your bags crushed by others.

And I think, one day, I will actually get some peoples autographs. But I never want to spend £10 or something like it on a signiture…. I feel no compulsion. Not like the compulsion to buy figures… good god the urges I had to ignore…. seriously… its like a disease now…

EDIT: Forgot to add! This is what my figure tower is looking like now;


A secondary tower has formed! Not as tall as the first yet! But Haruka…and my Figma boxes my solve that lol. The two big boxes and 2 little ones added prompted me to stack more up hehe. Less stable this time.. but still, they won’t tumble I’m sure.

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4 Responses to “Memorabilia – Midlands Expo Sunday Nov 23rd”

  1. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Ahh, congrats on grabbing Akari! Plus LOLZ at your *twin towers*, hehe…

    You know, for the longest time, I’ve wondered about *hanging* figures like marionettes from the ceiling. With dental floss or something, lol. Instead of boring shelves. Yeah, eccentric but still sounds cool… So for your boxes, I had this brainstorm~ perhaps hanging a cargo net from the ceiling and tossing your boxes up there, haha. Brilliant, eh? Okay, maybe not. >_<

  2. Coco the Bean Says:

    Ooh, I want those WonFes figures! Mostly ’cause they’re based off Barasui’s designs.

  3. suki Says:

    Oh~ Lovelyl lovely! So many figures nad wonderful gets ^-^
    I love the Wonfes mascots, very different purchase nya

  4. aquilla Says:

    Wow I think those wonfes mascots were a GREAT buy, me wants xD.

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