Character Design Workshop with Nick Roberson

Today in class, we had an awesome workshop taught by Nick Roberson(He worked on Corpse Bride, and has been in the animation biz, teaching biz and stone carving biz)! Last week we were given a character, we had to pic at random. I picked this fellow.


All the characters we had to choose from were designed by Carlos Grangel, who I just found out did character designs for Balto….. OMG Awesome much. Anyways. We were told to do sketches of our character, profiles, silhoettes, head shots, 3/4 views etc.


Thats just one page of the stuff I did. I haven’t scanned anything in yet lol. I named him Dr Rondhart, after the village Doctor from Tsubasa Chronicles in volume 4 of the manga. He reminded me of Kyle Rondart for some reason. The pic I got also made me think of Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow lol. I can just imagine the little guy scuttling round a village tending to the needs of the sickly. Looking all flustered and wide eyed.

We had to model in plastacine. 9-5 modelling plastacine KILLS your fingers. I swear… I’m gonna get blisters on my fingers tonight…. they feel so raw….


Thats what it started out as. Well… not before building up the feet n stuff. It’s a shame the wire frame we got was a bit thick for the uber-thin legs of most of the characters we got given. But Rondhart still looks good.



Built up more. I misunderstood Nick when he said to give my guy more of a butt, and more shape around his stomach and stuff. He wanted me to do what I wanted to do originally lol. (Read on for final model n more WIPs)


Arms being built up after the torso was finally sorted. You can see the change from the last photo.


Front view of the same stage. One arm was almost done, and the other was just a strip hanging over the metal to make sure it didnt get dirt on my hand, which would transfer to the rest of the plastacine.


More of the same stage…


(Inside lights had gone on…. hence the difference in photo colour.) Stage 4 of my photos. I wish I’d take more of the head development. This aint the final one though.


Head ain’t round enough at the top. Eyes were in almost exactly the right place. And the nose looked good. But apparantly it was too ‘badger-like’ which I must agree with, it is a very animalistic nose. But I was only mimicing what I remember from my only watching of Corpse Bride lol… Or something else… not sure….


The shape of the front of the face has completely altered. This was after Nick came in and made some alterations. Originally I had designed a more button nose like this one, but I’d lapsed into my ol’ anime-esque ways and given him a sloped nose n stuff.


I’d rounded out the top of the head and forhead alot more at this point.


Same shot as before, only buttons and colllar have been added.


Final shot.(Yay! Caught a friend on camera without realising lol, girl in the blue scarf. And I think thats Nick himself standing with her…. not sure…) Heads still not tall enough, its wide enough, but just needs an extra bit of height. I had to move the nose and location of the eyes about a bit… there was a point where the nose wasn’t central enough where it bugged the crap outta me. Just after Nick had quick-fixed it. So I quick fixed the locale. And gave him nostrils lol I wanna give him lines for hair. And make the eyes more defined. But it was about 15 minutes before Japanese at this point. And I was late…. I hate being late…. We got to take them home though. Not quite sure where mine will go at this point… surrounded by my PVC lovelies? lol

And thats all for now. Another Figure review tomorrow I thinks. Before RDJ night and after the lesson. Lighting in Maya tomorrow I believe. Should be fun. Now its time for Ally McBeal. That reminds me… I’ve gotta transfer some onto here…. Righto! I’m signing off for the night! See ya’ll later!!

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2 Responses to “Character Design Workshop with Nick Roberson”

  1. xJAYMANx Says:

    @M132: Heyyy, not bad. Looking for a job at Good Smile? Hehe… But u see? Just looking at this character, didn’t I tell u Johnny Depp (and Robert Downey Jr.) had crazy eyes, lol. @_@

  2. suki Says:

    Oh~ This is so cool! It’s looking lovely ^o^
    Agreeing with Jayman on the GSC job, they’ll totally take you on.. methinks ^-^

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